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New Harry Potter Trailer Entertains Idiots

I didn’t really mind all the hype surrounding Dark Knight, mainly because I was sure it was going to be an awesome movie. But now that the first trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is out, I’m starting to cope with the fact that kids and painfully nerdy adults aren’t going to shut up about this thing until it hits theaters in November. Just typing that long-ass name made me want to punch myself in the face. I watched the trailer, but since I don’t know anything about the story, the only thing I can gather is that it shows one of the main characters as a little kid. I mean, that worked out great in the Star Wars prequels, so I can’t see how this could be any different.

So, if you’re annoyed by this stupid franchise, please express your distaste in the comments so I know I’m not the only bitter, jaded jerk who refuses to clap like a mentally challenged person for a bunch of kids movies. If you like Harry Potter, then please go back to looking like this.

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