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New Fox Show Is Pretty Much ‘Sneakers: The Series’

A team of kooky security experts are hired by companies to test their security by hacking it. That’s the set-up for the 1992 film Sneakers and the new Fox sitcom Breaking In. They even unfroze 90s star Christian Slater to play the lead and provide a quasi-bridge between the two properties.

Slater plays Contra Security leader OZ, “a boss… who’s a little eccentric” and a lot Jack Nicholson. Also in the cast are Bret Harrison, Odette Yustman, Alphonso McAuley, and Trevor Moore. The series is co-created by Adam F. Goldberg (“Aliens In America”) and Seth Gordon (King of Kong). I love, love, super love King of Kong, and I like that they referenced Dragon*Con, a surprisingly seedy comic book convention, but on the whole I wasn’t too keen on this trailer. Hopefully the show is better than this, or at the very least, maybe Executive Producer Adam Sandler will cameo as a charming man-child who sings an acoustic guitar song about breaking in to the house of a girl he likes. (Collider)

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