New Clip Of Thor Getting His Ass Kicked Reveals Hawkeye

It takes Thor a surprisingly long time to knock out a security guard. Thor is supposed to be a demi-god with amazing super strength, right? In the last clip I saw Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was taken out by a taser gun. In the new clip above, he struggles for a really long to time to knock out a security guard. A security guard. If it takes him this long to knock out hired muscle making $9/hr, how is he supposed to fight monsters and stuff? Then, in a strange out-of-nowhere shot, it's a Hawkeye cameo. There he is, hanging out in a metal airlift in the pouring rain. I'd say lightning would be a problem, especially cause Thor can summon lightning as one of his powers. However, judging by this Thor's strength and survival skills, I think that won't be an issue. Thor, directed by Kenneth Branagh, struggles in the mud and into theaters May 6th. (IGN)