New Clip Makes Thor Out To Be “The God Of Chumps”

These preview clips show us that Thor has a few key weaknesses: women with tasers, large security guards and sleepy medicine. So, Thor is a mighty demi-god with superhuman strength who can control thunder. However, according to these recent clips of the new Thor movie from Marvel and Paramount Thor also has a few key weaknesses: 1. Women with tasers. 2. Large security guards. 3. Sleepy medicine. (See above clip.) I've got to say, Chris Hemsworth's Thor is looking like a total jackass in the preview footage. Director Kenneth Branagh seems to be leaning more towards goofy than ass-kicking. Of course, these are minute long previews, so it's hard to judge, but these clips aren't getting me psyched. Neither are the lame posters. Is there a Norse God of Good Movie Marketing they can pray to before May 6th?