New Bieber Biopic Trailer Shows Star's Rough Canadian Upbringing

If 'Never Say Never' looks too soft for you, I think you'll like this gritty look at 'Justin Bieber Gritty Movie'. It's really gritty. Back when it was announced that Justin Bieber was getting his own biopic along the lines of 8 Mile, the Internet bumped heads getting to the same joke -- 8 Kilometers. Some comedians in New York took the time to actually shoot a video around the premise of Bieber's gritty upbringing on the streets of Canada. The results are pretty funny. A word of warning though, watching this will require you to hear some of Bieber's music. Maybe you can hum to yourself or something over those parts.

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Justin Bieber Dirties The Camera Lens In New 'Never Say Never' Trailer

The latest trailer for Justin Bieber's "biopic" or whatever it is, Never Say Never, shows Bieber being a total bad-ass. He sprays Silly String DIRECTLY AT YOU!!! Total. Bad. Ass. The latest trailer for Justin Bieber's "biopic" or whatever it is, Never Say Never, shows Bieber being a total bad-ass. Spraying silly string and throwing popcorn directly at the camera. What the hay, man?! Don't you know that technology is expensive? What a reckless youth the fame monster has turned you into. James Cameron WILL come for you. What this trailer sets out to do is really sell you the 3D element of the film. In other words, make you want to pay a higher ticket price. There's SILLY STRING and IT COMES RIGHT AT YOU!!! $25, please. I see what these marketing folks are up to. For me though, if they really wanted to sell it, they'd show a 3D water bottle flying at his head during that last shot on stage. Missed opportunity right there.


2012 Starting Early: Justin Bieber and ‘Jersey Shore’ Team Up

This is sort of like looking at a pop culture 'Human Centipede.' To promote his upcoming movie Never Say Never, Justin Bieber is doing promos with "Jersey Shore" cast members The Situation and Pauly D. Above is the one with The Situation. This is sort of like looking at a pop culture Human Centipede, because they're combining in horrific and unwatchable ways. Also, I get the impression from his acting that The Situation knows he's shitting right into the audience's mouth. There's one thing I do like about this team-up is that Justin Bieber and The Situation represent two opposite spectrums of the Awful-O-Meter. Bieber is formulaic, uninteresting and yet shoved down our collective throats, whereas The Situation is skeezy, retarded and yet shoved down our collective throats. I get a feeling these two will be a ticket in the 2060 election. (Popeater)


Netflix Tosses A Fearless, Gritty 'Daredevil' Trailer Out Way

Getting beaten up by a blind lawyer can't be good for criminals' self-esteem. Netflix, not one to take a week off from reminding us that they're in the original content game, has released the first trailer for Daredevil, a Marvel property that is likely running away from the Ben Affleck adaptation about a decade ago. They've got Charlie Cox from Boardwalk Empire playing Matt Murdock, the alter ego of the superhero. Unlike many other Marvel stories (except Spider-Man), this one is actually set in New York and not some thinly-veiled approximation. While this is flying largely under the radar, it could be a pretty decent surprise, and an opportunity for Netflix to start mass-marketing its fare. (Daredevil)


We've Got A Teaser Trailer For That Steve Jobs Biopic

It's called 'Steve Jobs', which should be easy to remember. After much, much drama in the casting and directing of the Steve Jobs biopic, the whole thing has come together, and we've got a teaser trailer to prove it. We get a sense of the film from the narration, and at the end of the clip, we actually see what the characters look like. The character "Steve Jobs" really does look like Michael Fassbender playing Steve Jobs. Seth Rogen's in the film as Steve Wozniak, which is good, because Seth Rogen is an awesome co-star. That's about it. If you want a sense of the film, watch this trailer. That's what it's here for: Looks like they're a little heavy with the drama. I guess you have to be to do a tech person's biopic. (A.V. Club)


Justin Timberlake Returns To Jimmy Fallon To Sing Some Third Eye Blind

Do Smashmouth next! Justin Timberlake swung by Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show (as he so often does) for a largely unfunny, congratulatory skit about two dumb kids in summer camp in 1997. They talk like they have retainers in their mouths, and that's pretty much the alpha and the omega of the humor aside from, "Hey! Justin Timberlake's here!" BUT, there is salvation in all this. In the form of a sing-along to the seemingly forgotten Third Eye Blind song, "Jumper." If you fast forward about 2/3 of the way through, you get to the better part...the song.


Watch Stephen Hawking Be All Like "Hey Girl" In 'The Theory Of Everything' Biopic Trailer

Stephen Hawking: Dreamboat Previously on Screen Junkies, I was a dick when making jokes about Stephen Hawking crying after viewing the movie based on his life, The Theory of Everything. And now that there's a trailer, I was prepared to do all that again, however, something happened. While watching it, I experienced a feeling that definitely tickled the squirt holes in the corners of my eyes. I'd argue that its very dusty in here and maybe some dust was causing this but the truth is that I just vacuumed. The film looks gorgeous and gives a glimpse of two souls designed for one another as they face overwhelming adversity to open our understanding of existence. Now I'm here thinking about how someday we'll all be dead and I spend my own existence watching videos of little girls singing about poop. My biopic is going to suck.