New 'Avengers' Trailer Shows Us How All These Avengers Ended Up Together

Handsome men make the best superheroes. So that's how the super friends all met! We can thank a bald black dude in an eyepatch. In case you were wondering exactly how the characters from The Avengers were all assembled so as not to look like a superhero version of the Miami Heat, here's your answer. Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) assembled a team of elite superheroes (Is there any other kind?) to tackle the type of costumed ne'er-do-wells that could only populate a Marvel universe. While I'm sure the origin story of The Avengers is somewhat carefully crafted, it's pretty hard to get past seeing Captain America next to Thor next to Iron Man. It looks like a parody of itself, but that probably won't stop it from being fun.

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Honest Trailers: 'The Avengers'

A-venge? More like RE-venge! Right guys? Huh? Yeahhhhh. You think just because a movie rakes in $500 million at the box office that it's beyond criticism? Then you're wrong. DEAD wrong. (Sorry, that was a little too menacing.) But you're still wrong. As Screen Junkies has done with The Dark Knight, Avatar, and Transformers, it does again with the superhero mashup film The Avengers. And if I may so myself, we really stick it to that Joss Whedon guy. So much so that I bet he sees this, then falls off his giant pile of money, with only a slightly smaller pile of money to cushion his fall. Oh, the humanity. Hope you enjoy us making fun of The Avengers!


Trailer For Mark Ruffalo’s Astoundingly-Named ‘Sympathy For Delicious’

Ruffalo helms this movie about a DJ who gets paralyzed. Okay. Then the DJ suddenly develops the power to heal people, but not himself. Uhm... okay? The title Sympathy For Delicious made me think Mark Ruffalo's directorial debut was a Food Network pilot or a terrible blog written by a fat, 45-year-old woman. It's neither of those things, in fact. Ruffalo helms this movie about a DJ who gets paralyzed. Okay. Then the DJ suddenly develops the power to heal people, but not himself. Uhm... okay? And did I mention the movie's called Sympathy For Delicious? It's hard to get over the plot and name to see the great cast in this trailer, which includes Orlando Bloom (as a character named "The Stain," ho boy), Laura Linney, Juliette Lewis and some guy named Mark Ruffalo. Who'd he have to blow to get a lead role? Written by and starring Christopher Thornton as DJ Delicious (repeat "blow" joke here, too - thank you), Sympathy For Delicious premiered at Sundance in January.


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New 'Avengers: Age Of Ultron' Trailer Is A Vision

Never before have people been THIS excited to see Paul Bettany. Never before in history has the desire to see Paul Bettany been so strong. With Bettany-mania reaching a fever pitch, a brave soul has ventured into the Marvel vault to leak this third trailer for The Avengers: Age of Ultron. This one's really all about the Avengers back on clean-up detail when evil robots start trashing the place. For those who make it through the slightly nauseating shaky-cam stabilization, will be treated to our first look at Vision. His eyes are up here. Watch it now before it's pulled!