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New ‘Arthur’ Trailer Is Rich With Failed Jokes

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Russell Brand is back with a second Arthur trailer. Here we see him riding the Batmobile, getting punched by his mom, and using magnets to stop a hot girl from having sex with him. You know, on paper those things may sound funny, but Brand’s cheeky style elicits more “ah yes” smiles from me than actual laughs.

Also, “Under Pressure” seems like a bad song choice for Arthur. How much “pressure” is Arthur really under? He’s very rich, he has a lot of hot ladies who are interested in him for different reasons, and only as a grown man does he have to attempt holding down a shitty job. Maybe the right song would be “Paradise City?” Meanwhile, watching this trailer has stolen my sunshine.

Arthur falls down a flight of stairs in a gummy bear costume and into theaters April 8th.

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