Tuesday, October 18 by

New ‘Adventures Of Tintin’ Trailer For U.S. Eyes Only

Most of the promotional efforts for The Adventures of Tintin have been focused toward the film’s October 26th UK release date. But, at the American release on December 21st draws near we are beginning to see more of the film ourselves. Which means my houseboy will have to go into the other room. This new trailer is for American eyes only. I’m sorry, Estebuul.

A lot of talent went into making this film. Steven Spielberg directed, Peter Jackson produced, with WETA building the impressive world in which the characters swashbuckle. All that, and a script from Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), Steven Moffat and Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz). What’s your take on the trailer? Super-awesome or waxy-skinned and creepy?

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