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Neurotic Monster Larry David Invades NYC On ‘Curb’

RUN from his argument about why he didn’t steal your answering machine message! COWER in fear as he calls everyone at the party “full of shit!” Larry David is like a neurotic King Kong, and he’s coming to DESTROY the Big Apple… through loud complaints and hard-to-watch life decisions!

The above trailer is for the eighth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and after last year’s much buzzed about Seinfeld reunion episode, David has a lot of momentum going into the new season. As we reported, Larry David is going to New York City this year, his spiritual homeland. It’s a testament to David’s unnaturally high level of neuroticness that in NYC, The Birthplace on the American Nebbish, David stands out like a socially awkward Cloverfield monster.

Welcome home, Larry!  (Cinema Blend)

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