Netflix Fail Song

A musical tribute to the Netflix backlash. Are you pissed off at Netflix? You're not alone. Millions of people are dropping the once popular service, and the stock has plummeted in recent days. In order to tap into the anti-Netflix backlash has made this music video dedicated to Netflix's recent failures. Enjoy! Check out 10 reasons to stay on netflix!

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Netflix Offers A Trailer For Its First Original Series, 'Lilyhammer'

Fans of Silvio Dante from 'The Sopranos', this is for you. That's right, Lilyhammer. Netflix first (and admittedly, lowest profile when compared to House of Cards and Arrested Development) original series follows The Sopranos' Steven Van Zandt as a mobster (!) who enters the witness protection program in Lillehammer, Norway. Of course, we watch him as a fish out of water in both civil matters, and, presumably, watch him fall back into the Scandinavian underworld. The entire series will be released at once starting on February 6, so you can plow through the eight episode first season run with no waiting. Judging from the trailer, getting through the series should take me about eight hours. This show looks pretty damn good, with a Coen-brothers sensibility; a balance of drama, action, and comedy. Yay February!


Check Out This Supercut Of Blockbusters, Recreated Using Only Stock Footage

See if you can even notice a difference! Wouldn't it be great if we could make our own Hunger Games without having to even pick up a camera? Surely, someone's already captured on film something close to our vision, so why recreate the wheel? At least, that's the thinking that went into this supercut of blockbusters that have been recreated using stock footage. It's amazing how close you can get to the actual work! (No it isn't.) Take some delight in knowing that this cut was actually assembled by Dissolve, a stock footage company. They stand behind their principles. Anyway, it's Friday. Turn off the thinking cap and enjoy. (Laughing Squid)


First Trailer For Netflix's 'Hemlock Grove' Is Really Murdery

In its bid to establish itself as a rival to HBO, Netflix is releasing another original series that we can binge-cram into our eyeballs. On the heels of last month's successful release of House Of Cards comes Hemlock Grove; a new horror series produced by famed gross-ass Eli Roth, who also directed the pilot and two-part finale. The story begins after a brutal murder. The two suspects: Peter Rumancek, a 17-year-old Gypsy trailer trash kid rumored to be a werewolf, and Roman, the heir to the Godfrey estate. To clear their names, the two team up to find the actual killer. The entire series will be made available on April 19th so much sure the gulch in your couch cushion is comfortable for hours on end. The series stars Famke Janssen (the X-Men trilogy) and Bill Skarsgard (sounds like the name of the guy on True Blood) and whoever that bald girl pushing her wig back is. At first I thought she was Christina Ricci. Honest mistake.


Netflix Tosses A Fearless, Gritty 'Daredevil' Trailer Out Way

Getting beaten up by a blind lawyer can't be good for criminals' self-esteem. Netflix, not one to take a week off from reminding us that they're in the original content game, has released the first trailer for Daredevil, a Marvel property that is likely running away from the Ben Affleck adaptation about a decade ago. They've got Charlie Cox from Boardwalk Empire playing Matt Murdock, the alter ego of the superhero. Unlike many other Marvel stories (except Spider-Man), this one is actually set in New York and not some thinly-veiled approximation. While this is flying largely under the radar, it could be a pretty decent surprise, and an opportunity for Netflix to start mass-marketing its fare. (Daredevil)


Someone Finally Made A 'Dark Knight Rises' Tribute Featuring Lots Of Sausages

Going from Tom Hardy to a sausage is pretty much a lateral move anyway. We've all wondered what Christopher Nolan's films would look like were they populated with a ton of encased meats (sausages, bologna loaves, frankfurters) instead of actors. Well, wonder no more as the good folks at Sausage Party have managed to give us some insight. Take a gander at The Dark Knight Rises made with effin' sausages. (Oh, and don't worry about spoilers. This thing is a shot-for-shot remake of the trailer.)


Here's A Pretty Awesome First Look At Netflix' 'Wet Hot American Summer' Series

It's the first day of Camp Firewood, and H. Jon Benjamin is here to narrate. We knew Wet Hot American Summer was coming to Netflix. Now we can confirm that the bat-sh*t crazy foundation of the original is still in place thanks to this fake promotional video that shows us what's in store for the gang at Camp Firewood. Does it hurt that it's narrated by H. Jon Benjamin? No. No it does not. Here's the clip: Yup. That brief little cutout was a throwback to the Michael Ian Black/Bradley Cooper lovemaking scene from the film. A nice little piece of fan service, which is important, because I'm not sure this is going to find a new audience given its weirdness.


Netflix Gives Us A Filthy Trailer For Cartoon Series 'Bojack Horseman'

"Bojack? That's a beautiful name." In case you thought Netflix was just going the drama route with Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and the like, I'll have you know that they're also making inroads with comedy. Very high-concept comedy. Will Arnett, Aaron Paul, and Amy Sedaris have combined forces (and voices) to bring us BoJack Horseman, the story of a former celebrity horse whose day in the sun has passed and is now just trying to get through things one day at a time. The subject matter seems to be exclusively R-Rated, so this probably isn't one for the toddlers. But, hey, they get Dora. Let us have this.


Netflix 'Marco Polo' Trailer Has Literally Nothing To Do With The Swimming Pool Game

However, if we're drawing parallels, I guess his father, who gave him away as a slave, would be his "fish out of water." In about a month, the new Netflix historical drama/actioner Marco Polo will take you off your couch and into the magical age of discovery. Sounds pretty awesome, eh? Well, you can judge for yourself now that the first full-length trailer is out. While Netflix has offered original series in the past, and will continue to do so, this show, a partnership with The Weinstein Company, seems to exist on a bigger scale than the others. So is Netflix ready to go against the likes of Game of Thrones? Dammit. That's the second rhetorical question you've asked me. Just watch the video.