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NBC Universal Fills Gaps With Webisodes

NBC Universal is using the intrawebs more and more to their advantage. In order to keep fans up to date with their favorite shows they have been deploying Webisodes to have audiences stay connected in between the network broadcasted episodes during the holiday repeats.  It seems that this is the next step into viral campaigns.  Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, and The Office are just some that have been using side stories to maintain a continuous pulse within their fan base. For other things you can find on the internet here’s some links.

NBC bridges series gaps with online minidramas (NYT)
Farmer talk Devil‘s Commandos (Shocktillyoudrop)
Land Of The Lost poster (Filmonic)
Drunken Sloth = WIN (Filmdrunk)
The hottest women in comics (Maxim)
Cera says no to Arrested? (Joblo)
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