Mushmouth Supercut: Al Sharpton Doesn't Know Words

Take a minute to breathe, Al. It's amazing to me that Al Sharpton has spent so many years speaking to cameras even though he excels at mangling words in the most hilarious ways. He's so creative with his mispronunciations he sounds more like a Bangladeshi rapper than he does someone terrible with the teleprompter.

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Steve Carell And Disney Give US The (Deep Breath) 'Alexander And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day' Trailer

It appears that lots of people are having a bad day, not just Alexander. If there's a niche Steve Carell has carved out for himself, it's playing the central character in ensemble dramedies in which everyone seems to be at their wit's end. Dan in Real Life, Crazy Stupid Love, Little Miss Sunshine (not the central character there, but still...). So it stands to reason that when Disney put Mr. Carell into the adaptation of the beloved children's book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day, many more people than Alexander would be struggling. Carell has a no good very bad day, Jennifer Garner has a no good very bad day, and some teenage actors I don't recognize have no good very bad days. While the film seems to stray from the sweetness and alienation that the kid feels, it look pleasant enough, even if there seem to be gratuitous references to texting, Photoshop, and a character says, "hashtag: blessed" in it. Welcome to the new world order.


Pretend Like Frank Underwood Is Speaking Right To You With This Fourth Wall-Breaking Supercut

You'll feel like you're his confidant! Are you lonely? Yeah, I bet you are. You want Kevin Spacey's political antihero Frank Underwood to face you and say a few words so you feel like you have some company? Yeah, of course you do. Well here you go. Digg (Remember Digg?) has put together a supercut of Space's Frank Underwood turning to the camera to speak frankly about whomever he's screwing over at that point in the show. House of Cards uses these moments mostly to break the gravity of the subject matter, as a Kevin Spacey eyeroll lets you know just how far Frank Underwood can remove himself from his actions and promises. Take a look and enjoy *rolls eyes, walks away*


You Too Can Speak Dothraki

Now you can respect those that is respectful by speaking in their native tongue. It's a common problem. We all want to intimidate our enemies with eloquently barbaric phrases and threats but who has the time? Now, thanks to Muzzy, learning Dothraki has been made easy. Regale your schoolyard chums with phrases like: Achrakh yeroon zireyesee hrazef anni, zhey ifak! - Your stink offends my horse, foreigner! Athchomar chomakea, zhey lajaki vezhveni.  - Respect to those that are respectful, great warriors. Eyel varthasoe she ilekaan rikhoya arrekaan vekha vosi yeroon vosma tolorro! - The rain will fall on your rotting skin until nothing is left of you but bones. & many more!!


Take Donald Glover Seriously As A Rapper

Community star Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, raps in an empty warehouse in this non-comedy music video. You know him as Troy from NBC's Community, a former staff writer on 30 Rock, and a part of the comedy group Derrick, but did you know that Donald Glover was also a legit rapper by the name of Childish Gambino? Check out just how legit he is in this new Dan Eckman-directed video for his song Freaks and Geeks. The guy's got some serious talent, and if you don't believe it, just watch him own a huge empty warehouse in this video. He totally makes that inanimate object his bitch.


Jason Bateman Masters The Art Of Swearing At Children In 'Bad Words' Trailer

We finally see the nasty underbelly of the Spelling Bee circuit. When a character in a movie swears profusely and creatively at children is a tried and true shortcut to a laugh. Sometimes the results are uproarious or a mildly satisfying chuckle. In the red-band trailer for Bad Words, Jason Bateman transcends the art of swearing at and around children. Go ahead, Bateman. Drop the mic. You've earned that right. Who would have known that Jason Bateman would be so great for this role? Jason Bateman, that's who. Bad Words is also his directorial debut, meaning he was a shoe-in for the role. Much to the chagrin of Paul Rudd, who really loves being a dick to kids too.


Fighting Words: General Zod Calls Out Kal-El In New 'Man Of Steel' Trailer

METAL. June 14th grows nearer everyday. In celebration of this, we have another look at Man Of Steel, which is shaping up to be the most bad-ass Superman film to date. How do we know that this is going to be the most bad-ass Superman film to date? SUPERMAN DROWNS IN A PIT OF HUMAN SKULLS. And there's plenty more crazy on display in this trailer as General Zod issues this warning to the people of Earth: "For those of you who know his location, the fate of your planet rests in your hands. To Kal-El I say this: surrender in 24 hours or watch this world suffer the consequences." Judging from the mayhem that takes place in the last third of this trailer, I take Zod at his word. I already love this movie. Please don't let this be another example of excellent trailer, terrible movie. At the very least, it's already better than that Superman movie that Shaq did.


Rapper Recreates 9 Movies In 1 Take, Because Why Not?

Film history classes are for people with money to burn. Check out this hip-hop, film history CliffsNotes video from rapper DeStorm. Film history classes are for people with money to burn. Burn, money, burn. Check out this hip-hop, film history CliffsNotes video from rapper DeStorm. He jumps from famous movie scene to famous movie scene all in one take, like a less impressive (though still entertaining) version of the Old Spice commercials. You can expect to see everything from Casablanca to Pulp Fiction, with a little Rocky thrown in there for good measure. Gotta have my "Adriaaaaan." There's another music video DeStorm made about video games. What about a combined video, where he goes through the history of classic video game movies? You'd have... uh... and then you'd jump to... uh... The Wizard? Okay, bad idea.