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‘Mulaney’ Sitcom Looks Like Poop On A Stick :(

Is it possible that NBC somehow exercised good judgement? Mulaney, the new sitcom starring comedian John Mulaney, was passed over by NBC and eventually found its home at FOX. At the time, it was assumed that they’d Britta’d it as they so often do and threw out a potentially huge sitcom from one of the most genuinely funny people alive. According to this preview, maybe NBC made the right call. I’m sad to report that Mulaney looks shockingly weird and bad.
First off, it’s obviously the product of audience testing and network interference. We’ve got the affable black guy, a zany bearded guy dressed like Steve Zisou, mostly flat jokes, and an apartment that looks like it was Frankensteined together with parts of the Seinfeld and Friends sets. I’m really hoping this is just a bad preview because I really want to like this. Can’t they just have Mulaney move in with Martin Short and not have any friends?
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