MSNBC Pulls The Smug Plug On Keith Olbermann's 'Countdown'

Now it'll be easier than ever to ignore the pompous commentator's rant videos, because his show has been officially cancelled. When your ultra-liberal friends sent you clips of Keith Olbermann's latest 42 minute rant on YouTube, you maybe watched for 30 seconds and quickly clicked on a video of two dogs who fight each other when Fight Club is on. Well, now it'll be easier than ever to ignore the pompous commentator, because his show has been officially cancelled. Tonight marked the abrupt end of Keith Olbermann's show Countdown, which put the network on the map for cable news channels -- a map which currently is dominated by the Fox News country Horriblerica. We don't have an official reason for Olbermann's sudden departure. Some have speculated it has to do with the campaign donations scandal from 2 months ago, which got him suspended for two shows. I think I'll go along and speculate with them. All Olbermann had to say about the matter in the above goodbye was that "this was going to be the last edition" of his show. So, given their track record for picking up embattled political show hosts, who wants to bet that Fox News at least makes him an offer? (CNN)

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'Insidious 2' International Trailer Pretty Much Ignores 'Insidious'

Looks like they didn't spend more money on The Further this time. Ah, the joys of raising a haunted child. After moving into yet another new house, Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne just can't shake those pesky ghosts. The international trailer for Insidious: Chapter 2 mostly shows us what we've already seen when Wilson and Byrne move the family into grandma's house and pretty much ruin its resale value. Even in this market, murder houses are notoriously tough to unload.


'World War Z' Official Trailer Will (Metaphorically) Eat Your Brains

Spoiler: It's not like the book. Diehard fans of World War Z (the book) got all up in arms when they found that the "oral history" aspect of the book was being forsaken because it would have cost a metric shitload of money to produce twenty-odd vignettes around the world. It understandable that a movie studio would diminish the breadth of scope of the novel and focus it a little more for the purposes of narrative and cost. However, this trailer shows that the film became more or less the story of Brad Pitt's character and his family, and looks sort of like Outbreak meets Independence Day. It's a departure, and seems to nullify what made the book so special, but the film still looks good, though in a much more conventional way. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read the book. It's terrific, and is an amazing narrative and story, regardless of whether or not you give a damn about zombies.


Ant-Man Official Trailer #1: "Is It Too Late to Change the Name?"

Rudd doesn't get many lines in the trailer, but he seems as skeptical as we are. I mean, a superhero who shrinks himself to fight crime? If you say so. The first trailer for the long-delayed Ant-Man movie dropped last night, which features Paul Rudd as burglar-turned-reluctant-hero Scott Lang, and Michael Douglas as Dr. Hank Pym, the original Ant-Man who grooms Lang to be his protege and replacement. Rudd doesn't get many lines in the trailer, but he seems as skeptical as we are. I mean, a superhero who shrinks himself to save the world or something? If you say so, dude. Ant-Man is the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and also stars Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, Bobby Cannavale, Michael Peña, Judy Greer, Tip “T.I.” Harris, David Dastmalchian, Wood Harris, and Jordi Mollà. The flick opens in theaters on July 17th. (source: ClevverMovies)


Cronenberg Continues His Manic Hollywood Descent With Another 'Map To The Stars' Trailer

This family looks pretty messed up. David Cronenberg has released another trailer for Map to the Stars, his nihilistic, frantic look of the stereotypical L.A. life. He's got quite a cast behind it with Robert Pattinson (his new Viggo Mortensen), John Cusack, Mia Wasikowska, and Olivia Williams. The film tracks the Hollywood-embedded family as a daughter played by Masikowska returns home from a psych ward to find her way again. The whole thing looks like another step away from Cronenberg's cearlier ontrolled fury, a departure that started with his previous film, Cosmopolis, which also tackled the ideas of fame, albeit in a very strange fashion. What you see here is what you get. Good luck figuring out what that is.


Screen Junkies Show: The Making Of Honest Trailers

Genius at work. We get a lot of emails from our readers asking about the Honest Trailers. 'What is that song you guys used?' 'Hey, who is your voice-over guy?' 'Hey, can I use your voice-over guy for my own project for free??' 'Hey, are you ignoring me???' If you've ever wondered what goes into the making of the Honest Trailers we post here on Screen Junkies, this episode of The Screen Junkies Show is for you. Hal goes on a ride-along with the Honest Trailers team who are as luck would have it also The Screen Junkies Show team. So, in other words, Hal just showed up for work and we filmed it.


OK Go Continues Ignore The Death Of The Music Video With Another Fun One For 'The Writing's On The Wall'

I wonder how this will do on 'TRL'. OK Go, a band that's long been known as "that band that makes the cool videos" has given us two one-take videos already, one of which involves a lot of treadmills, and the other, more desperate video, a giant Rube Goldberg machine. Here they are with "The Writing's on the Wall," featuring a billion sorta-impressive optical illusions. It's a cool video, but I think after the first video they did in this vein, we hit the point of diminishing returns. ANYWAY, out of context, it's a fun song, and a cool video, so enjoy it or they'll just start doing Imagine Dragons cover.


John Oliver Slams The NCAA And March Madness In This 20-Minute Rant

Oliver tells us what we already knew: The NCAA exploits unpaid athletes for its own gain. Tis the season for March Madness and lots and lots of college basketball. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver took notice and ran a pretty epic twenty-minute rant on the state of the NCAA and student athletes. What's most remarkable is that every point Oliver makes in his monologue is fairly well-grounded and true. You might not have the inclination to get after 20 minutes of preaching, but it's worthwhile to check in on for just a few minutes. If you had any tolerance for the NCAA, be prepared to say goodbye to it. It seems the tides are quickly turning against the NCAA, so we'll see if any of these studies serve as a death blow in the near future.


MSNBC Learned Putting News Team In Sombreros, Drinking Tequila, For Cinco de Mayo Means You Have To Apologize For It 3 Months Later

You should see what they did on April 20th. The discussion of representing other ethnicities and the boundaries of good taste will always be a source of much contention between people, but I think that we can all agree that we don't want to see our white newscasters on MSNBC in sombreros, drinking fake tequila to "celebrate" Cinco de Mayo. Because it's insensitive? Maybe. Because it's really, stupid and unprofessional? Yeah. Definitely that one. On the Way Too Early show (I smell a Pulitzer based on the name alone), host Thomas Roberts shared the origins of the holiday (understandable) while his PRODUCER, ambled around in a big hat with a flask of what we all assume is tequila. Dude, a margarita is far less offensive. Anyway, because it takes 90-120 days to apologize for something stupid and indefensible, MSNBC is just now getting their "I'm sorry"s out to an association of Hispanic journalists through an appearance by the network president at their annual convention. They should also direct it to anyone with good taste who just wants to watch the news in the morning. (Deadline)