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MSNBC Pulls The Smug Plug On Keith Olbermann’s ‘Countdown’

When your ultra-liberal friends sent you clips of Keith Olbermann‘s latest 42 minute rant on YouTube, you maybe watched for 30 seconds and quickly clicked on a video of two dogs who fight each other when Fight Club is on. Well, now it’ll be easier than ever to ignore the pompous commentator, because his show has been officially cancelled.

Tonight marked the abrupt end of Keith Olbermann’s show Countdown, which put the network on the map for cable news channels — a map which currently is dominated by the Fox News country Horriblerica. We don’t have an official reason for Olbermann’s sudden departure. Some have speculated it has to do with the campaign donations scandal from 2 months ago, which got him suspended for two shows. I think I’ll go along and speculate with them. All Olbermann had to say about the matter in the above goodbye was that “this was going to be the last edition” of his show.

So, given their track record for picking up embattled political show hosts, who wants to bet that Fox News at least makes him an offer? (CNN)

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