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Move Over Zombies, Dinosaurs Are Headed To Television

Dinosaurs, man. What if? That’s the question that Steven Spielberg wants to ask (again). The Super Bowl showed us more than just robots, superheroes, pirates, aliens, topless Olivia Wilde, and douchebags. It also showed us which programs Fox hopes they won’t have to cancel this fall.

The network has teamed up with Spielberg to produce “Terra Nova,” a show that sends a family 85 million years into the past to find the key to rebuild a deadened Earth. What they find instead are the leftovers from the Avatar set that James Cameron didn’t have the heart to scrap. Waterfalls, rainforest, and Stephen Lang. But he may be playing a good guy this time as evidenced by his beard. All the best people throughout history had beards — Darwin, Abraham Lincoln, Santa, Steven Spielberg, Kenny Rogers, writers during the Writers Strike, and your uncle who is perpetually struggling to get his landscaping business off the ground. You’ll get there Uncle Mike. Just keep pruning. Just keep pruning.

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