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Morning News

Megan Fox’s Body gets a release date (Comingsoon)

HBO seals deal with Mario Bello (Variey)

Werewolf dramedy unleashed at Fox (Hollywoodreporter)

New clip from Whedon’s Dollhouse (Entertainmentweekly)

New Push poster online (Empire)

Green light for new Judge Dredd movie (Comingsoon)

Arcana picks up Paradox (Variety)

New Jack Ryan pic attracts scribe (Hollywoodreporter)


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Julian Farino will juggle Oranges (Hollywoodreporter)

James Gray, Brad Pitt search for Lost City (Comingsoon)

Wolfman gets delayed (Joblo)

Torso isn’t dead yet (CHUD)

Duplas brothers set Searchlight project (HR)

Myspace rocks first clip from The Unborn (BD)

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