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Morning News With Boo Bees

For Halloween two years ago I was a life sized home pregnancy test. I was so proud of myself for that costume. I ran around Sixth Street in Austin like the world was ending with people yelling EPT and trying to convince girls to pee on me. This year I’m going to be a dude that lives with his girlfriend and goes to bed early. 
Samuel L. Jackson and Maggie Cheung join the cast of Inglourious Bastards (/films)
New Valkyrie trailer now online (Empire)
Changeling writer to pen Forbidden Planet (HollywoodReporter)
BBC exec resigns over Brand scandal (Variety)
Fox not renewing King of the Hill (Comingsoon)
Wes Craven designs Google’s Halloween logo (/films)
American Dad gets a 5th season (Comingsoon)
Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright to pen Spider-Man 4 (HollywoodReporter)
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