More Bodies Hit The Floor In 'Sabotage' Trailer

Looks like 'Predator' with illegal aliens instead of space aliens. Though the hair and makeup departments didn't get the menu that this isn't a Limp Bizkit biopic, Sabotage looks fun. Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as the leader of a DEA task force whose team comes under fire after money is stolen from a huge cartel bust. This new trailer doesn't really give us anything more except Olivia Williams's really weird accent and the update that the cartel kidnap Schwarzenegger's wife and kid (naturally). Any film with silly, tough guy haircuts also has silly, tough guy nicknames, and online researched has revealed that Sabotage is no exception. Awww. At least give the Stripper a fun name too. Like Boobers or Crabwalk or something.

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Arnie Returns Tough As Nails In 'The Last Stand' Trailer

He is back. If anyone thought that politics made Arnold Schwarzenegger soft...yeah, maybe. But private live in Brentwood has brought the action-film icon back to his old self, if this trailer is to be believed. And why wouldn't you believe a red-band trailer? The film comes from South Korean director Kim Ji-woon, who scared the bejesus out of us with I Saw the Devil, so those who are quick to dismiss this film as mindless action might want to take in a screening of that before being so quick to judge. But before you go to your local video store (HA!), check out the trailer for The Last Stand.


Emily Blunt Versus The Cartels In 'Sicario' Trailer

Trust no one. Least of all Josh Brolin. Prisoners director Denis Villeneuve sends Emily Blunt south of the border for some fun and sun in the trailer for Sicario. By fun, I mean misery and by sun, I mean, well, I guess it is pretty sunny there. At any rate, Blunt takes the lead in this action thriller as an American CIA agent who teams up with a task force in Mexico to root out and bring down the head of a dangerous cartel, who as this trailer seems to heavily imply, is Josh Brolin. Unless it is not Josh Brolin. Which is exactly what Josh Brolin would want us to think.


Rest Assured, Javier Bardem Has Silly Hair In Full 'Skyfall' Trailer

Ha, ha. It looks like Muppet hair. Much like all recent spy movies, the trailer for Sam Mende's Skyfall opens with MI6 losing sensitive information about their embedded agents, and the consequent fallout those agents experience when telemarketers begin to call their cells during dinner. Then James Bond pretends to be dead. That's one way to shake those telemarketers. Most thrilling about this trailer, besides the action and the women is Javier Bardem's hair. The man is a treasure when it comes to absense of silly wig vanity. He's right up their with Samuel L. Jackson and those Kitty Wigs cats.


'The Last Stand' Trailer Brings Arnold Schwarzenegger Back Where He Belongs -- Shooting People

He did say that he'd be back. You do realize that Bruce Willis can't be in every movie about old guys kicking ass who pepper said ass-kickings with quips about advanced age, don't you? Luckily, Arnold Schwarzenegger has nobly stepped up to fill the gap. What would we do without Arnold? If it weren't for his eligible-for-retirement but still handy with a gatlin gun Southern sheriff, the Cartel could take over America. Thank you again for your service to this country, Mr. Schwarzenegger.


Here's The Trailer For 'Escape Plan'

It's just 98 minutes of them having a really funny-sounding conversation. Arnie and Sly are enjoying quite the little career renaissance, aren't they? Here, we've got the trailer for Escape Plan, a movie that is most notable because it has Mr. Schwarzenegger looking like Stacey Keach, and Sylvester Stallone looking like a slightly more sad version of Sylvester Stallone. Actually, it's about an escape from prison, but so help me, if you even so much as mention it in the same breath as Stallone's Lock Up, you're going to get an earful from the man himself.


Arnold Schwarzenegger On The Fourth Terminator Film: 'It Sucked'

He's not wrong. In case you were thinking that Arnold and company were going into the upcoming Terminator: Genisys thinking that the lead up film was awesome...(Arnold voice) "Think again." Schwarzenegger spoke freely about Terminator: Salvation, saying that it flat-out "sucked." It might not be a coincidence that Salvation was the only one in which Arnold didn't make an appearance, meaning that he might not be totally objective here. I mean, it's not like the installment that preceded that one was great, either. Here's a clip of the action star slamming the film: So, what does this mean? Eh, probably not much. The past two Terminators are mostly viewed as disappointments, so it's unlikely that he's the only one with this opinion. What's more interesting is determining if the new one "sucks." (THR)


Arnold Schwarzenegger's Movie Commentary Is Way More Entertaining Than His Movies

He explains 'Total Recall' for you, in case you have trouble following Arnold Schwarzenegger films. I wish there was a button on my computer that let me write with an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent. Sadly, the technology just isn't there yet, so please just run a loop of Arnie quotes through your head as you read this. May I suggest "Get your ass to Mars," "It's not a tumor," and "Get to the chopper!" Some gentleman with the YouTube handle of "buzzclikverifyme" went through the trouble (pleasure?) of piecing together some choice bits from Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall commentary. The commentary also features another bizarrely awesome accent, which I am going to assume belongs to Dutch director Paul Verhoeven. I can't do the clip justice. Simply put, it's Arnie pointing out painfully obvious points about the film (especially to those who like the film enough to want to watch the commentary). Take four minutes out of your life and enjoy this clip that reminds us that we can't stay mad at Arnold. (Film Drunk)