'Monte Carlo' Trailer Looks Generally Horrible

It's like a trip to the dentist, but cheaper! The Disney Channel made a "Sex and the City" film! Leighton Meester is Carrie because she's the leader, Katie Cassidy is Charlotte because she's bland, Selena Gomez is Samantha because she's slutty, Andie MacDowell is Samantha because she's insanely old, and Brett Cullen is Miranda because they both like to have sex with women. Women be travellin' in this trailer for Monte Carlo, in which a gaggle of girls go on a European vacation gone awry until one of them (Gomez, the ethnic-looking one) gets mistaken for royalty, at which point their trip becomes FAB-U-LOUS! There's also a really big lobster featured here, which was the high point of the trailer for me.