'Monsters University' Trailer Provides Major Scares (Wakka Wakka ;P)

The good old days before Mike and Sully became corporate sell outs. When last we checked in on John Goodman in a college setting, he was abusing his position as coach of the football team and making life miserable for nerds. What Monsters University offers is a more mature and nerd-tolerant Goodman. The Monsters, Inc. prequel takes us back to Sully and Mike Wazowski's school days to learn how the duo first met, what lead them down the path to becoming complete sell outs, and since its college, all the hallucinogens they took and asses they tapped. Gotta say though, I'm a little jealous. I went to a small liberal arts college and the girls at Monster University are much less busted than the ones at my school.