'Monsters University' Trailer Provides Major Scares (Wakka Wakka ;P)

The good old days before Mike and Sully became corporate sell outs. When last we checked in on John Goodman in a college setting, he was abusing his position as coach of the football team and making life miserable for nerds. What Monsters University offers is a more mature and nerd-tolerant Goodman. The Monsters, Inc. prequel takes us back to Sully and Mike Wazowski's school days to learn how the duo first met, what lead them down the path to becoming complete sell outs, and since its college, all the hallucinogens they took and asses they tapped. Gotta say though, I'm a little jealous. I went to a small liberal arts college and the girls at Monster University are much less busted than the ones at my school.

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You know, to kids. Monster's University is opening this weekend, so kids everywhere have monsters on the brain. But which one is the scariest? In order to find out, the Screen Junkies investigative team has compiled a crack panel of researchers to give their expert opinions on the subject (FYI, one of these researchers apparently has a really weak dad). Check out the video to see these kids' reactions to everyone from the clown from It to the Cloverfield monster.


'Better Call Saul' Clip Shows When Mike Met Saul (It's Heartwarming)

The show premieres on Sunday, February 8th, and another episode airs the next night. Do you remember the show Breaking Bad? Well, it was on about a year ago, and it was REALLY good. Around the time it ended, it was announced that a Saul Goodman spinoff would be taking place in that same universe. And sure enough...it's happening. We've reported on Better Call Saul's progress a lot, and now we're getting to the fun stuff. In this scene, we see Saul meet Mike. It's love at first sight, as the screencap demonstrates. Because we have the benefit of hindsight (and foresight) for this show, we know Mike isn't one to be trifled with. Yet that's what Saul does. He trifles. He's a trifler. And what happens to triflers? That's right. They get tossed in arm-bars by old men. (Vulture)


Universal Studios (Orlando) Adds A Duff Beer Garden And Lard Lad Donuts To Its Roster Of 'Simpsons' Eateries

The best thing in Florida since Limp Bizkit left. In case Luigi's Pizza, Krusty Burger, and Moe's Tavern aren't enough to satisfy your whimsical, fictional tastes while trolling around with the masses in Orlando, you can now open your refined palate to donuts and beer. Like a Rockefeller. The collection of eateries/drinkeries is known as Simpson Fast Food Boulevard, and it's a place I'm dying to see, and would undoubtedly be a place I would be dying to leave after about four minutes. Take a look!


Giant 'Pacific Rim' Monster Attacks The Heck Out Of San Francisco

Oakland just got sh*ttier. As if life in San Francisco weren't difficult enough with the high rents and modern times inciting the slow extermination of the city's bohemian roots and culture. Now they've got to worry about giant kaiju climbing from the ocean and trashing the place. If it's not one thing, it's another. The new viral clip for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim shows a giant monster destroying the Golden Gate Bridge and fighting jets via crappy news footage. And while we don't get a great peek at the monster or the giant mechanized robot suits that will be used to slay these Godzillas, it's enough to get everyone excited. Those monsters started this and mankind will finish it. That was our best bridge.