Monsters Collide In Latest 'Godzilla' Trailer

"Let them fight." Until this point, Godzilla trailers have mostly been a lot of Bryan Cranston yelling but that doesn't put butts in seats in Asia. So for the Godzilla trailer released in Asia, the marketing department gives the people what they want -- giant monsters and the inference that they are going to fight. And more Ken Watanabe (he's like the Bryan Cranston of Asia). This is our first real look at Godzilla's opponent, MUTO (outside of toy form), which appears to be some kind of pterodactyl with radioactive hook arms. Which means it was either conceived by a six-year old or a really high person.

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'Godzilla' Really Upsets Bryan Cranston In The Latest Trailer

They really got off on the wrong foot. If you've been watching the last few Godzilla trailers, you know that Bryan Cranston seems to hate the crap out of the giant monster. The latest, extended trailer fills in the gaps to explain the Cranston-Godzilla beef. You see, it seems that Godzilla forced Cranston to have to kill his own wife. Talk about bad first impressions. That would cheese me off too. Team Cranston! Even though he's being a bit of a hypocrite here.


Trailer Shows Mankind Summoning Courage To Stop 'Godzilla' From Destroying Our Stuff

We don't come to Monster Island and smash up your shit. This being the first trailer for Gareth Edwards's Godzilla, we see very little of the monster. We do, however, see mankind rallying to deal with the giant nuclear lizard threat. That effort somehow involves sky-diving at the monster while unarmed. I'm not sure how that subdues the beast. Beyond that, we're also treated to Godzilla's path of destruction and shocked reaction shots from Bryan Cranston, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, and the only Japanese actor in Hollywood's rolodex, Ken Watanabe.


Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Reunite For Some Emmy Yuks in 'Barely Legal Pawn'

Also starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Looks like the Primetime Emmy committee also misses seeing Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Having been too busy committeeing for Godzilla or Need For Speed, they brought Breaking Bad's Walt and Jessie back for this Pawn Stars parody video also starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Created by the team behind Broad City, it's pretty funny throughout but worth watching all the way to the end. Give it a watch and don't forget to watch the Emmys and Godzilla and Need For Speed.


Hear Bryan Cranston Narrate 'You Have To F*cking Eat' From The Writers Of 'Go The F*ck To Sleep'

F*ck. Bryan Cranston is done playing the bad guys. Now he's playing a surrogate parent to your child, reminding your child that f*ck, man, eat your food. The book and audiobook from author Adam Mansbach, is now being read aloud by Bryan Cranston, after the initial installment was written by none other than the king of f*ck, Sam Jackson. So, your child can listen to Cranston's soothing voice while being reminded You Have to Fucking Eat. Of course, this guy is really writing books for angry, embittered parents who resent their kids for not behaving like adults. But embittered adults (that is to say, all adults) LOVE Bryan Cranston, who played a pretty embittered adult in a TV show once. So if you don't eat your food, Heisenberg is coming for you. And he's the danger. Maybe we can get Michael Shannon to read, Wipe Your Own Ass, Child next.


Macauley Culkin Fights Monsters In ‘I Am Home Alone’

The holiday spirit has been lacking a bit around here lately. Luckily, we have this video of Macaulay Culkin battling vampires to help us recapture it. The holiday spirit has been lacking a bit around here but we've got a video here to help us recapture it. Not many know about this but the film we know as Home Alone was originally filmed to be an action thriller with strong horror elements. After it tested poorly, the studio demanded it re-cut as lighthearted family fare. The results broke box office records, so way to go studio. Luckily, Jeff Schmalz was able to unearth an earlier cut of the film. The one where Macauley Culkin stars as the last boy on Earth and fights off those vampires or zombies or whatever you want to call them. Without further ado, I Am Home Alone. (via Topless Robot)