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Monday’s Links With Nalin Paylin

Yes, the first minute or so of the Sarah Palin inspired Hustler Porn: NailinPaylin are now online. Hordes of GOP supporters and Joe Six-packs will watch just for the story line. I’m going to watch it because there is naked sex involving a woman that looks like a pornstar version of Sarah Palin, which is exactly what she is.

Looks like Silverman had a tough crowd at her UK standup debut. But I still love you. Let me know if you need a hug, or you just want me to stay over and it’s fine and I can totally share the bed with you we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to but if you need to just spoon or make out a little that might be good for you.  (BBC)

What did Daniel Craig do when he found out he got the part to play Bond in Casino Royale? He did what any brit would do and got fucking blotto, that’s what. (IMDB)

For the first time ever HBO hosts a presidential debate. Rumor has it they have already signed Obama and McCain for a second season. Seriously, this shit is funny. (The Onion)

Seth Rogen says that Ghostbusters 3 is just a horrible idea (Slashfilm)

We started on Palin. So lets finish on Palin. That’s a reference to the video. Because it’s a porn, and in a lot of porn’s they finish on…ahem. Here she is on weekend update. I would dry hump the shit out of that VPILF on the dance floor. I’d even buy her Zimas and that new canned champagne that Sofia Coppola put her name on.  (SNL)


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