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Monday Night TV Fiesta

Still hungover from New Years huh? Monday TV’s got your back. Better make some three layer microwave nachos and watch the Fiesta Bowl, and then chill out with six whole hours of Lost reruns (you knew season 5 premiers in 16 days right?!). Only time cures hangovers (those pills at 7/11 don’t work, believe me) and everyone knows that’s best spent in front of your TV. 

The Fiesta Bowl: OSU vs Texas 5:15 on FOX

Fiesta Bowl Boise State Vs Oklahoma – Watch more Free Videos

Lost 5pm–>11pm on Sci-Fi

Fans of Lost – Watch more Entertainment

Late Show Round-Up (From Best to Worst)

Leno 1135/1035c NBC

Terry Bradsbaw, 8 Year Old Chef Jack Witherspoon, Iron & Wine

Conan 1235/1135c NBC 

Benicio del Toro, Sarah Chalke Doyle and Debbie

Craig Ferguson 1235/1135c CBS

Jim Parsons, Ray Davies

Letterman 1130/1030c CBS

Kate Hudson, Glasvegas


Happiest of Viewings–

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