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Mid Week Hump Dump

For the record, I would let Rachel Ray thread my corn. As long as she’s gentle. And does not have any hot sauce on her paws. It’s truly amazing that this one got past the producers. And every day there are lots of things that get past us. Here are just a few.

The Economy has been rough on everyone, particularly super heroes. (Holy Taco)

Superman’s Dad is Dead. And for the record he was younger than John McCain. (CNN)

The Ecto-One is for sale on Ebay. It’s an investment, not a purchase. (Ebay Via /Film)

I’ve heard rumors that Tim Burton smokes crack. There are also rumors that he is directing Pirates 4 (Playlist)

I think that Kenny Vs. Spenny is one of the funniest shows in history. Now Kenny has a show on FX. (Variety)

Was the Kimbo KO Fixed? (Cagepotato)

You’re more than half way there.

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