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Michael Winslow From ‘Police Academy’ Is Still Making Really Amazing Noises With His Mouth

It’s easy to make fun of this Michael Winslow because of his involvement in Police Academy and those pretty stupid Geico commercials, but all that stops now. This is very impressive. I have seen this guy recreate pretty much every sound imaginable, but I’ve never seen him do voices. And I didn’t know he could do Robert Plant.

It’s a testament to Winslow, appearing here on the Norwegian show Senkveld med Thomas og Harald, that I can’t really tell what sounds he is making and which ones he isn’t. The whole thing just confuses and amazes me, which is pretty much the point.

I played guitar for years and couldn’t get close to replicating those sounds. Maybe I should just try to sound like Michael Winslow, though I’d probably just end up vomiting and sneezing all over myself.

Like I always do.

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