Michael Shannon Is More Troubled Than Normal In 'Take Shelter'

Michael Shannon has decided that he's going to ride this wave of playing troubled, intense men until it breaks. Did you ever think to yourself, "What if they made a movie like Evan Almighty, but it wasn't completely terrible?" Well, Michael Shannon and the team behind Take Shelter addresses that very question. In this haunting slice of Americana (which is a little reminiscent of M. Night's last decent film Signs) Shannon runs a lower-class rural household faced with myriad problems. However, his priorities fall under scrutiny as he builds a storm shelter after repeated visions of an apocalyptic storm. See? It's just like Evan Almighty. Or "the story of Noah" if you want to harken all the way back to Evan's source material. Of course, no one plays "intense" like Michael Shannon does, so it should be fascinating to see how he channels a man obsessed. The fact that he just looks like a Dust Bowl-era farmer to begin with only sweetens the deal.

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Michael Shannon Creeps The Bejesus Out Of You In 'The Iceman' Trailer

He'll kill you, then he'll read his kids a bedtime story. We've seen how disturbing Michael Shannon can be as a G-Man in Boardwalk Empire, and as a family man in the indie film Take Shelter, so it should be no surprise that when he goes full evil, it's a spectacle to behold. Such is his role in The Iceman as Richard Kulinski, one of the most notorious hitmen of all time. Good rule of thumb: Never cross Michael Shannon. Don't even talk to him. You'd probably be safer petting a wild tiger. Take a look.


The 'Repeaters' Trailer is Like 'Groundhog Day' Without All the Laughter

I like Groundhog Day, but I hate to laugh. If only there was a movie that met my needs! Finally, my prayers have been answered thanks to Carl Bessai's Repeaters. The film plays with the Groundhog Day stuck-in-a-time-loop concept, but twists it into a "aggressive, fast-paced thriller "that addresses the morals of starting over with a clean slate every day in some of the most extreme ways. If you ask me, this concept is long overdue. Every time I watch Groundhog Day, I wonder why Bill Murray doesn't lash out at the townspeople in a violent, consequence-free orgy of blood and mayhem. And I've found myself pondering that question on a regular basis ever since my doctor started weaning me off Wellbutrin. (First Showing) Watch the trailer for Repeaters, the evil Groundhog Day, after the jump...


Things Get Intense, Awesome In The ‘Straw Dogs’ Trailer

You've pushed James Marsden's buttons for the last time, Alexander Skarsgard. Straw Dogs was clearly a movie that did not need its story to be retold. Movie buffs lamented this remake as lazy and unoriginal. Perhaps they were right about the motivations behind the decision to remake the film, but, as this trailer demonstrates, the end result looks pretty intense and fun. This remake of Straw Dogs follows the same basic formula as the original, with James Marsden and Kate Bosworth playing the happy couple and Alexander Skarsgard playing the head baddie. Marsden and Bosworth get tormented by Skarsgard until the mild-mannered Marsden stands his ground, much like Dustin Hoffman did in the original. While the big star of this film is certainly the story, any questions as to whether direction and performances can live up to the original should be answered here. It's not the original, but it looks like a damn entertaining film. People should harass James Marsden much more frequently if this is the result.


'Edge Of Tomorrow' Trailer: Tom Cruise Lives. Dies. Repeats.

A more explode-y 'Groundhog Day'. As he did in Oblivion, Tom Cruise is once again battling a total sucky future in Edge of Tomorrow. While Cruise hopes he is not doomed to repeat that film's performance at the box office, he is seemingly doomed to repeat this one mech-suit battle against alien squid robots. Awaking after each time he is murdered by those things from The Matrix, Cruise's character must "train" himself to survive and eventually win the war and probably totally bang Emily Blunt.


That's Michael Fassbender Under The Giant Mascot Head In 'Frank'

This is the opposite of showing your wang on-screen. Never one to repeat himself, Michael Fassbender is doing the opposite of showing his wang on film. In Frank, he spends the entire movie obscuring his face under a giant mascot-like, papier-mâché head as he plays the frontman for an eccentric band. So far, the film has been a hit at Sundance with reviewers noting that the big-eyed head do not limit Fassbender's performance, instead it lends more weight and pushes the focus to his physicality and voice. A rave previously bestowed upon the Cock n' Balls Donut in Sex Drive.


Michael Mann Shares A Grizzled First Look At HBO’s ‘Luck’

It's fun to see all these accomplished actors dressed like the degenerates at the OTB. Luck - In Production - Watch more Funny Videos If you're a fan of HBO's "Deadwood" you have reason to open the peaches. Here's a first look at "Luck," the new HBO series from "Deadwood" writer David Milch and Heat director Michael Mann. The horse racing drama stars Dustin Hoffman as an organized crime kingpin with a penchant for kicking over tables, and Nick Nolte gets his twelfth shot at career redemption in the role of a broken-down Kentucky horse trainer given a second chance at redemption. Anyway, it looks great. Particularly the horse-racing scenes. The crew have found really inventive ways to get up in the action. Finally, we can feel the thrill of being a jockey without having to suffer the ridicule of being four-feet tall.


Full Length 'True Grit' Trailer Is Intense, Features Bear On A Horse

What is this? 'The Wicker Man'? Hot on the heels of last week's True Grit teaser comes the full length jump off. This time around we see a lot more of Bridges's Cogburn, Damon's La Beouf, and Brolin's cowardly Chaney. We also see someone dressed as a bear on horseback. What kind of crazy scheme are they trying to pull? LA BEOUF: Alright. When Chaney sees me approach dressed as a bear, he'll think I'm just after his pic-a-nic basket. That's when we take him in. Female bear with a bow in her hair mounts La Beouf. Cue "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." COCKBURN: Ah, raped by a bear. Seen it hundreds o' times. Tis a shame. Note that I haven't read the script, so the events detailed above may not actually happen. Check out the full length trailer after the jump...


Steve Coogan And Rob Brydon Give Us More Michael Caine Impressions

It's for the sequel to 'The Trip'. It's for The Trip To Italy, the sequel of sorts to The Trip, which saw the two comedians, in a pseudo-documentary format, travel around, eat, and not do much else. It was originally a mini-series, then was edited to become a feature film. They're back at it in Italy, where the food is better, and the Michael Caine impressions are less delighting, but still very, very funny. "YOU WERE JUST SUPPOSED TO BLOW THE BLOODY DOORS OFF!"