Michael Shannon Is More Troubled Than Normal In 'Take Shelter'

Michael Shannon has decided that he's going to ride this wave of playing troubled, intense men until it breaks. Did you ever think to yourself, "What if they made a movie like Evan Almighty, but it wasn't completely terrible?" Well, Michael Shannon and the team behind Take Shelter addresses that very question. In this haunting slice of Americana (which is a little reminiscent of M. Night's last decent film Signs) Shannon runs a lower-class rural household faced with myriad problems. However, his priorities fall under scrutiny as he builds a storm shelter after repeated visions of an apocalyptic storm. See? It's just like Evan Almighty. Or "the story of Noah" if you want to harken all the way back to Evan's source material. Of course, no one plays "intense" like Michael Shannon does, so it should be fascinating to see how he channels a man obsessed. The fact that he just looks like a Dust Bowl-era farmer to begin with only sweetens the deal.