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Michael Caine-Mobile Blows Stuff Up In ‘Cars 2′ Trailer

Disney has dropped the trailer for Pixar’s Cars 2. Michael Caine joins the talking automobile cast as a British intelligent agent who gets into it with Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) as they take part in the first world Grand Prix. First of all, the British government would never spend millions to train an Aston Martin to spy for them, and second, I have it on good authority that anything voiced by Larry the Cable Guy is banned from Asia. Aside from all that, Pixar has never screwed anything up. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first Cars, which I believe is the national consensus, but it made enough to warrant a sequel, so here’s hoping Caine can bring some class to the franchise by shooting rockets out of his nostrils.

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