Meryl Streep Gets Her Thatcher On In 'The Iron Lady' Teaser

We finally learn the origin of Maggie's pearls. Though it looks nothing like its predecessors Iron Man and Iron Man 2, The Iron Lady does look like it gives Meryl Streep ample opportunity to chew the scenery as the conservative Prime Minister of the UK, Margaret Thatcher. Plus keep in mind that this is a teaser. There's still a chance that Jim Broadbent will be outfitted with laser whips in the longer trailer. This teaser, however, is all about the reveal of Streep's impression of Thatcher which comes off more as a modified Julia Child. Before Streep is revealed we see two campaign advisers attempting to pimp her ride so to speak. They speak directly into the camera and critique her hat, high voice, and pearls. To which, Thatcher replies, "The pearls are non-negotiable." I guess it's cute, but I was mostly just happy to see this wasn't a teaser for another Madea movie. (The Guardian)