Merry Christmas Kidnapping

Warning: the video you are about to see is not for hippies. Warning: the video you are about to see is not for hippies. Every year around this time tragedy strikes a certain group of defenseless living things. It makes some merry, while it makes others sick to their stomachs. Those "others" are hippies. Don't let them take away your fun. Merry Christmas and happy holidays, Junkies! (BuzzFeed)

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David Wain's Wanderlust Trailer Makes Hippies Likable

From a distance. If Wanderlust the film is as good as this new trailer, David Wain will have pulled ahead of the pack as the funniest director working today. The plot isn't anything we haven't seen before -- stressed out big city couple head out to the country. The difference here is the supporting cast. Justin Theroux, Joe Lo Truglio, Alan Alda, Kerri Kenney, and co-writer Ken Marino look to really dive into their roles to make life more awkward for Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston. Think of it as Green Acres with more casual nudity.


Watch The Making Of 'The Simpsons' Gingerbread House

The greatest video you'll ever see while watching this video. We thought that since you've been pretty good so far (but well short of "great"), you are entitled to a Christmas present from Screen Junkies. So here you go. It's a video featuring a fairly half-assed construction of a gingerbread replica of the most famous cartoon house in the world, that of the Simpson family hailing from Springfield. So watch this brief, vaguely interesting video of a crappy house being made. PS - This is also your birthday gift this year. Don't blame us. Blame Obama.


'Kidnapped' Might Be The Most Disturbing Film You See This Decade

If you like foreign films, but prefer home invasions and graphic rapes to that 'Amelie' crap, this is your cup of tea. Now that the headline has sucked you in, let's talk about Kidnapped. It's a Spanish-language film about an upper-class family whose quiet night at home is interrupted by some masked home invaders. The film then takes a graphic and disturbing turn as the criminals put the family through hell. Screen Junkies editor, Ian, caught this film at FantasticFest and claimed it to be "the most horrific film I've ever seen." I try every day to horrify Ian with my writing, and, I assure you, he's usually unflappable. Beyond the gore, violence, and generally disturbing action, there's something more to this film, however. Director Miguel Angel Vivas constructed the film around twelve shots. While this approach could be (and has been) dismissed as gimmicky I have been told that it not only works, but serves the tension and story well. Kidnapped hits theaters via IFC on June 17. Lock your doors.


'Disconnect' Warns The Internet Will Destroy Us All

If you can see its loading screen, it's already too late. Since we  rolled our eyes and made rude gestures when Fear Dot Com tried to impart its message on us, Hollywood is once again warning that the Internet will murder us all. This time with a decidedly non-supernatural approach. Jason Bateman, who learned nothing from his experience with identity theft, is at it again. Playing with his phone like a dumb jerk while those around him get identity thefted, stalked, and Catfished. It's like Crash but trades the n-word for "nOOb," the other n-word. Though I can't imagine the pain associated with losing a loved one or my livelihood to the cruelty of the internet, Disconnect seems a bit overdramatic and forced. Or fake and gay, if you will.


'Tabloid' Trailer: Errol Morris Kidnaps, Chains Up Your Attention

Did Joyce McKinney rape and kidnap a mormon missionary? The most interesting gossip is vintage. Charlie Sheen got fired from a TV show for drinking and talking smack on the internet. Crazy smack, but still, it's nothing compared to the strange story of 70s beauty queen Joyce McKinney. An IQ of 168 did not keep McKinney out of trouble. In 1977, she became a tabloid sensation for supposedly raping and kidnapping Kirk Anderson, a mormon missionary. The trailer above is for Tabloid, a documentary about the "the Mormon sex in chains case" by documentarian Errol Morris (Fog of War). McKinney describes why the rape charge is absurd, comparing it to sticking a marshmallow into a parking meter. That just became my favorite analogy of the day, possibly the month. Things only get crazier from there. It's a fun, slick trailer that kept my attention without spoiling too much. If you're looking for break from monsters and superheroes this summer - though I'm not sure why you would be - and the reviews are good, I'd bring your paparazzi camera over to theaters July 15th. Check out the poster below.