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Mel Gibson’s All Up In Jodi Foster’s ‘The Beaver’ Trailer

Summit gingerly dropped the trailer for Jodi Foster’s The Beaver last night. The film stars Mel Gibson as a depressed toy executive and family man who uses a beaver puppet to work through emotional pain. Some people think this movie might not succeed due to Mel Gibson’s recent and more recent despicable actions. I think it might not succeed because it’s about a man who wears a beaver puppet on his hand. Not exactly trending these days.

The trailer also feels like it’s edited as an apology card from Gibson. A poor guy who’s drowning in life tries to redeem himself and mend fences. Perhaps we’ll be so moved by the soiled beaver on his hand we’ll forget that in real life Mel Gibson has pretty much offended everything under the sun. That beaver is powerful stuff. Powerful stuff indeed.

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