Mark Romanek's 'Never Let Me Go' Trailer

"Their proteins aren't sustainable?!..." The trailer has been released for Mark Romanek's adaptation of the novel Never Let Me Go. The screenplay for the dramatic thriller was written by Alex Garland (28 Days Later, Sunshine), and is about "a group of children who spent their childhood at a seemingly idyllic English boarding school, who as they grow into young adults, they find that they have to come to terms with the strength of the love they feel for each other, while preparing themselves for the haunting reality that awaits them."

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Pearl Jam Covers 'Let It Go' From 'Frozen' In Concert

They went into the song as a segue from "Daughter." They must be getting softer in their old age. Iconic rockers Pearl Jam have long made a habit of taking a familiar riff in one song, then letting it lead to another familiar one, most notably in their live performance of "Better Man" that dovetails into a cover of The English Beat's "Save it for Later." However, that might be lost on the younger market, so perhaps Pearl Jam was making a more overt gesture towards the tween market with their performance of Frozen's "Let It Go."


Links Away: Neverending Story Dog FTW

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Watch Mark-Paul Gosselaar Answer Interview Questions As Zack Morris

How did he react to Screech's violent suicide? Paul F. Tompkins' show Speakeasy has always managed to get a little deeper and weirder than most any other talk show on TV, and he may have raised the bar with his Mark-Paul Gosselaar interview. Tompkins, after asking some softball questions, gets Gosselaar to go through the rest of the interview in character as Zack Morris. Mark-Paul proves to be a pretty great sport about it, and demonstrates a healthy Saved by the Bell trivia knowledge as well.


Trailer For Mark Ruffalo’s Astoundingly-Named ‘Sympathy For Delicious’

Ruffalo helms this movie about a DJ who gets paralyzed. Okay. Then the DJ suddenly develops the power to heal people, but not himself. Uhm... okay? The title Sympathy For Delicious made me think Mark Ruffalo's directorial debut was a Food Network pilot or a terrible blog written by a fat, 45-year-old woman. It's neither of those things, in fact. Ruffalo helms this movie about a DJ who gets paralyzed. Okay. Then the DJ suddenly develops the power to heal people, but not himself. Uhm... okay? And did I mention the movie's called Sympathy For Delicious? It's hard to get over the plot and name to see the great cast in this trailer, which includes Orlando Bloom (as a character named "The Stain," ho boy), Laura Linney, Juliette Lewis and some guy named Mark Ruffalo. Who'd he have to blow to get a lead role? Written by and starring Christopher Thornton as DJ Delicious (repeat "blow" joke here, too - thank you), Sympathy For Delicious premiered at Sundance in January.


Little Girl's 'Let Me Poop' Parody Of 'Frozen's' 'Let It Go' Also Deserves An Oscar

From the mouths of babes. Over the last ten months, I've been "invited" to watch my friend's daughter perform her own recital of "Let It Go" from Frozen on many occassions. I listen politely. Smile. Act complimentary. Because it is really cute. But to tell you the full truth, I found the performances a little flat. There was no flair, the pitch was horrible, and in not once did she commit with their upper body. It's a performance, honey. Sell me some sizzle. Thankfully, YouTuber Emily Mandelbaum knows how to capture the attention of an audience. Her fresh take on the new classic is a classic in its own right. Take note, Aretha Franklin. This is how you leave your mark on an existing hit.


'Contraband' Trailer Pulls Mark Wahlberg Back In

Also features a semi-dressed Kate Beckinsale. If Mark Wahlberg overpowers you and puts a gun to your head while warning you not to harm his wife and kid, the last thing you should up and do is harm his wife or kid. Obviously Giovanni Ribisi didn't get that memo. Here he is in this Contraband trailer harming wives and kids like nobody's business. Get a clue, guy. The trailer also features a short montage of Kate Beckinsale getting dressed. I don't want to tell you trailer editors how to do your job, but you might want to consider playing that footage backward. And slowly. Oh yeah, that's more like it.


Will Ferrell And Mark Wahlberg Clash In 'Daddy's Home' Trailer

It's 'My Two Dads' with a lot more yelling. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are returning to the strait-laced stiff versus tough guy routine they honed in The Other Guys for Daddy's Home. This family comedy sees Ferrell playing the eager to please stepfather whose tenuous grasp on his family is challenged when Wahlberg returns as the kids' biological father. What follows is an increasingly insane battle of oneupmanship that will seemingly culminate in the two men putting their differences aside and becoming better fathers in the process. Unless one of them murders the other. I can see it going both ways.


'Before We Go' Trailer: Let's Spend The Night Together

Chris Evans directs Chris Evans as a guy who woos Alice Eve. Chris Evans took a break from bonking guys on the head with a shield to make one of his good movies that nobody sees. This time, he's working both sides of the camera. For his directorial debut, he's joined Joseph Gordon-Levitt in thes rank of actor/directors who cast themselves opposite hot women. In this instance, Alice Eve plays a damsel stranded in New York City and Evans plays the funny, wise, sensitive, attractive trumpet player who commits himself to helping her find her way. Believe it or not, they begin to have feelings for one another over the course of the night. Man, is she going to be shocked when she finds out he's a serial killer.