Mark Hamill ALMOST Didn't Come Back For Star Wars! - SJU

Mark Hamill Almost Didn't Come Back for The Force Awakens Tyrese vs The Rock PART 3 Joe Starr and Danielle Radford McDowell's Field Segment Brett Ratner Accusations Continue Roth and Clarke talk about We R[Ally] group they've started. Check out the link here:

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Episode 9

Movies The Critics Got Wrong! - SJU

Panel: Roth Cornet Spencer Gilbert Joe Starr Lon Harris

34 mins 4 days ago

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Movies The Critics Got Wrong! - SJU

Panel: Roth Cornet Spencer Gilbert Joe Starr Lon Harris

34min | Aired on 01/15/18


Deadpool 2, New Mutants, & Gambit Get New Release Dates! - SJU

The SJ News crew discuss Fox changing release dates to the New Mutants, Gambit, and Deadpool movies. What does this mean for the movies...

40min | Aired on 01/12/18


Could Marvel FINALLY Be Giving Us A Black Widow Solo Movie? - SJU

The SJ News crew talk about a writer being picked to write the solo Black Widow script, the future of Virtual Reality and Movies, and...

34min | Aired on 01/12/18


Will Douglas Trouble Delay Ant-Man and the Wasp? - SJU

The SJ News crew talk Michal Douglas' statement, Black Panther hype, and more Paddington 2 then you're expecting. - It's SJU! (Informed...

38min | Aired on 01/11/18


Black Panther Final Trailer Breakdown! - SJU

PANEL: Roth Cornet Dan Murrell Joe Starr Danielle Radford

30min | Aired on 01/10/18


Golden Globes 2018: Snubs & Highlights! - SJU

The ScreenJunkies News screw talk all things Golden Globes! Snubs, storylines, fictional presidents and more! PANEL Roth Cornet Dan...

33min | Aired on 01/08/18


Fans Demand Zack Snyder's Justice League w/ Blade Runner 2049 Editor Joe Walker!

Our team sits down with special guest and Oscar nominated editor Joe Walker to talk about DC fans calling for a Justice League director's...

38min | Aired on 01/10/18


Can DC's New Film President Get Them Back On Track? - SJU

Panel: Dan Murrell Spencer Gilbert Roxy Striar Billy Business

37min | Aired on 01/10/18


Scariest Horror Villains of All Time ft Insidious/SAW creator Leigh Whannell!

Panel: Roth Cornet Dan Murrell Leigh Whannell (Insidious, Saw)

34min | Aired on 01/08/18