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Man In Dog Suit Not Embarrassed To Be Seen With Elijah Wood

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Pills, cigarettes, sex dolls, and holes dug in the backyard. No, it’s not a Charlie Sheen reality show. It’s actually a promo for the comedy that FX saved from the wilds of Australia. Elijah Wood stars in “Wilfred,” a show about a guy and a dog except the dog is actually played by a guy in a dog suit but everyone who is not Elijah Wood sees a normal dog instead of a guy in a suit. So, like, when the guy in the dog suit smokes or uses a shovel, do non-Elijah Woods see a dog with a cigarette in its mouth or shovel in its paws? And what about the bipedal walking thing?

You gotta hand it to him though, Elijah Wood does make a great John Arbuckle.

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