Love Hurts Like A Bitch In 'Like Crazy' Trailer

The Sundance sensation heads to theaters October 28th. [post-album postid="11592" item="5"]The Sundance hit Like Crazy is gearing up for a limited release on October 28th. Just in time to get those Anton Yelchin masks out for Halloween. Though there's been a lot of write-up about the indie, this is our first glimpse of a trailer. In the film Yelchin plays an American student who talks so goddamned low that you can't understand a word of this trailer. He falls in love with his British classmate played by Felicity Jones as she's the only one who can make out what he's trying to say. Their relationship suffers when she violates her visa and must return to England. Looks pretty good if you're into crying and sun-flare. Still though, speak up Yelchin! Sound guys can only do so much.