Lord Monckton Should Be A Borat-Type Creation, But Sadly Isn't

We would all feel a lot better if this guy was a fictional character. Australian Daily Show-type program The Hamster Wheel has taken the same approach their US counterparts have to skewering local, national, and international politicians by sending them up with oblivious reporters and letting the subjects just embarrass themselves. Sometimes that job is made very, very easy, such as the case with Lord Monckton. In case you think he doesn't deserve the treatment, you're really wrong. He does. Monckton serves as the Independent Party's head of research, offering up such gems as "the Hitler Youth started off as liberals," "climate change is a myth," and "AIDS sufferers should live on an island somewhere." He also has really buggy eyes that freak the hell out of me, but that's not really his fault, so we'll table that one. Insisting that someone this over the top and ridiculous can only be a Borat-type manifestation, The Hamster Wheel takes this premise and runs with it, even interviewing Monckton as though he was a character. Nice and nicely done, Hamster Wheel.