Lo And Behold, The Official 'Arrested Development' Trailer

After years and years of promises and denials and rumors and Jason Bateman movies, Arrested Development is finally back. And this trailer is proof of that. Unless this has all been an elaborate hoax. In which case, not cool Netflix and Ron Howard. We'll find out for sure on May 26th.

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Here's An 'Arrested Development' Documentary Trailer That You Should Watch

Thus fulfilling our weekly quota of 'AD' articles a day earlier. Nice! Oh, the folly of man! In 2007, two superfans decided to undertake a documentary project chronicling the short life of Fox's Arrested Development for the sake of future generations. Little did they know that the public would clamor incessantly for the next five years until Netflix decided it would just be easier to give the baby its bottle and create some more episodes of the show. Not ones to quit what they started, the duo of Neil and Jeff (no last names on their website) decided to continue because, hey, it's not like collecting a bunch of hilarious interview footage on one of the most beloved shows is a waste of time. New epsiodes/movie or not, this thing serves its purpose!


'This Is Where I Leave You' Trailer Offers Up The Best Comedic Cast Of The Year

They put the "unctio" in "dysfunctional." Do you like: Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Adam Driver, Corey Stoll, Connie Britton, Timothy Olyphant, Ben Schwartz, Dax Shepard, Kathryn Hahn, Abigail Spencer, and Rose Byrne? I bet you at least like some of those people. If there's not a single person on that list that you like, then you are a monster. But this isn't about you, really. This is about a Shawn Levy film called This Is Where I Leave You that pits a family with and against each other in the wake of the patriarch's funeral. It's sort of like Arrested Development if Arrested Development opened up with George Sr.'s death. Take a look, if for no other reason than to see Adam Driver play someone who isn't "Adam" on Girls.


Netflix Offers A Trailer For Its First Original Series, 'Lilyhammer'

Fans of Silvio Dante from 'The Sopranos', this is for you. That's right, Lilyhammer. Netflix first (and admittedly, lowest profile when compared to House of Cards and Arrested Development) original series follows The Sopranos' Steven Van Zandt as a mobster (!) who enters the witness protection program in Lillehammer, Norway. Of course, we watch him as a fish out of water in both civil matters, and, presumably, watch him fall back into the Scandinavian underworld. The entire series will be released at once starting on February 6, so you can plow through the eight episode first season run with no waiting. Judging from the trailer, getting through the series should take me about eight hours. This show looks pretty damn good, with a Coen-brothers sensibility; a balance of drama, action, and comedy. Yay February!


Behold, The Trailer For Neill Blomkamp's 'Elysium'

How do you like these space apples? Neill Blomkamp, who made his debut with an inventive sci-fi film about a man leveling out class inequality with the aid of advanced weaponry, is back with Elysium, a different inventive sci-fi film about a man leveling out class inequality with the aid of advanced weaponry. In the future, the wealthy live free of poverty and illness on the space station Elysium. While the rest of us poor mooks live on Earth like a bunch of sick losers. Matt Damon stars as an ex-con on Earth who uses a weaponized exoskeleton to aid his mission to break into Elysium, rip killer robots apart with his bare hands, and find a cure for the cancer that is rapidly


Jason Bateman Masters The Art Of Swearing At Children In 'Bad Words' Trailer

We finally see the nasty underbelly of the Spelling Bee circuit. When a character in a movie swears profusely and creatively at children is a tried and true shortcut to a laugh. Sometimes the results are uproarious or a mildly satisfying chuckle. In the red-band trailer for Bad Words, Jason Bateman transcends the art of swearing at and around children. Go ahead, Bateman. Drop the mic. You've earned that right. Who would have known that Jason Bateman would be so great for this role? Jason Bateman, that's who. Bad Words is also his directorial debut, meaning he was a shoe-in for the role. Much to the chagrin of Paul Rudd, who really loves being a dick to kids too.


'Skyfall' Teaser Trailer Promises A Darker Bond

He doesn't seem to enjoy his job as much as he used to. Daniel Craig's tenure as James Bond has already proven to be the antithesis of the Timothy Dalton years, but if the first teaser for Skyfall is to be trusted, it raises the stakes of "darkest Bond ever" even further. We don't glean much in the way of plot points from the video, but we get plenty of haunting drums, a la Christopher Nolan. And, yes, at the :56 mark, we see a man falling through the sky. A "Skyfall," if you will. Going on this, I would say the film looks promising, though would it kill Daniel Craig to smile a little?


'Orange Is The New Black' Gives Us The First Season 3 Trailer

It's light on plot, but it's got "dramedy" written all over it. It's been a year since your Facebook feed was riddled with posts anticipating the sophomore season of Orange is the New Black, so now we get our first look at season three of the Netflix dramedy that suggests life in a women's prison isn't really like Cinemax led us to believe. We don't get much in the way of story here, which is probably good, since that means I don't have to navigate spoiler territory, but it's safe to say that the tone of the trailer is in keeping with the tone of earlier seasons. Also, it warrants mentioning that Piper's looking a little rougher around the edges than before. Don't be surprised if we see her stray further into morally ambiguous waters. (Deadline)


‘The Change-Up’ Trailer: A Bateman/Reynolds Body Switch

In the vein of 'Vice Versa' and 'Like Father, Like Son' comes another awesome mind-transfer movie, only without dads and sons. The Jason Bateman/Ryan Reynolds comedy The Change-Up has a trailer. Which is good, because we were getting a little sick of staring at this one image for the past few months. The film features one of my favorite plot devices - the 'ole mind/body switch-a-roo. In this instance, Reynolds is the carefree bachelor while Bateman is a Michael Bluth-type family man. They envy each other, get struck by lightning, switch bodies, and hilarity ensues. How do I know hilarity ensues? I don't, but it's an educated guess. The film is directed by the helmer of Wedding Crashers and written by The Hangover guys. Call it a hunch. We've also got a poster for you. It would appear that both men are having threesomes, only Jason Bateman's is with babies. Pretty edgy stuff.