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Links Away: Friday On Friday

Rebecca Black’s so-bad-it’s-good pop single “Friday” has been the talk on the town this week, so it was only a matter of time before someone synced it up with… Wait for it… A movie that has the same name! Oh, The Internet, you so crazy. (Vulture)

Friday, Friday, Friday is tomorrow but here are some links for now:

Top 10 Characters Who Refuse to Die (AdultSwim)

Nine Fun Drunk Movies (MovieLine)

How to Drink Alone On St. Patrick’s Day (HolyTaco)

Wolverine Will Now Probably Suck (FilmDrunk)

Dirty Candy (CelebJihad)

The X-Men Do Comedy (Unreality)

The Top 25 Courtroom Dramas (MovieFone)

TV Drinking Games (PopEater)

Six Actually Good News Stories Out of Japan (Smosh)

The Top 100 Billionaires (Ranker)

Awesome Game-Winning Shot (BroBible)

Maxim’s Guide to March Madness (Maxim)

Vincent Gallo: Now With More Pants (Pajiba)

A Virtual Map of Movie Road Trips (NextMovie)

MMA’s Top Five Lightweights (CagePotato)

The 10 Coolest St. Patrick’s Day Partites (MadeMan)

Lego Star Wars 3 Review (GameFront)

How to Be Irish When You’re Actually Latino (TuVez)

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