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Links Away: Young Nicole Kidman Had a Healthy Fro

A 16-year-old Nicole Kidman appears on an Australian TV show to promote her upcoming film, “BMX Bandits.” My god, that’s a lot of hair. (Vulture)

Some leenks, mate:

Behind the Scenes of “Superjail” (AdultSwim)

Red Riding Hood: 10 Films That Twisted the Fairytale (MovieLine)

Bears Doing Things Bears Aren’t Supposed to Do (HolyTaco)

An Interview With a 16-Year-Old Nicole Kidman (FilmDrunk)

Toy Story 3 Deleted Scene (CelebJihad)

Mass Effect Meets Cowboy Bebop (Unreality)

Fargo Cast: Where Are They Now? (MovieFone)

Charlie Sheen is Mad At People (PopEater)

The Most Badass Movie Quotes Ever (Smosh)

The Seven Most Brutal Parade Float Accidents (Ranker)

12 Ways That Sex Had Changed In the Last Decade (BroBible)

A Drink With Aubrey O’Day (Maxim)

10 Women Who Are Great At Their Jobs (Pajiba)

Nine Jackass Spinoffs We’d Pay to See (NextMovie)

The Top 10 American Freak Show Fights That Were Actually Good (CagePotato)

2011 Range Rover Sport Review (MadeMan)

Dead Space 2 Walkthrough (GameFront)

Soccer Player Gets Red Card For Tackling Streaker (TuVez)

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  1. March 8, 2011 5:30 pm

    mayor McCheese

    She looks older at 16 than she does now.

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