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Links Away: World’s Biggest Harry Potter Fan

This is Harry J. Potter, the self-proclaimed world’s biggest Harry Potter fan. You’re probably thinking he’s just a fan of the movies, but it’s the books too. He’d be a total loser if it were just the movies. (/Film)

Extemperus linkses!

Fat People Smell Food More Intensely (Asylum)

The World is Pissed Off About Airport Body Scanners (BarstoolSports)

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Has Lost His Damn Mind (CagePotato)

25 Presidents Keepin’ it Real (HolyTaco)

Robot Actress Makes Debut in Japan (FilmDrunk)

Home Alone Cast: Where Are They Now? (MovieFone)

Emma Watson in See-Through Top and Feathers (CelebJihad)

Doug: The Feature Length Film (Unreality)

Sexiest Girls of Sitcoms (Maxim)

The Sexiest Alien-Bashing Babes On Film (MadeMan)

Video Games Are Good For Your Health (Smosh)

The Evolution of the Laker Girls (TotalProSports)

Fidel is Pissed That Activision Wants Him Dead (TuVez)

The Statham Gets a Competitor in the Badass Departent (Pajiba)

Natalie Portman Says Sex Scene With Mila Kunis Was ‘Extreme’ (PopEater)

The 10 Most Bizarre Foreign McDonald’s Commercials (Ranker)

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