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Links Away: Twin Men Have A Conversation

Patton Oswalt and Michael Chicklis recently set out to parody the “Twin Baby Boys Have a Conversation” video. The result is one of the creepier instances of men wearing diapers you’ll come across today. (Vulture)

Beh beh beh beh? Yes, they’re links:

Black Dynamite: The Comic Book (AdultSwim)

Abbie Cornish Wants To Make A Rap Album (MovieLine)

The Vampire Woman Lives (BarstoolSports)

2 Kick-Ass Monkeys (HolyTaco)

Human Centipede The Musical (FilmDrunk)

Lindsay Lohan Converts To Islam (CelebJihad)

China Is Building Transformers (Unreality)

Behind The Scenes Of Hanna (MovieFone)

Kevin Federline Is Pregnant (PopEater)

21 Things Made Out Of Bacon (Smosh)

The 13 Best Dystopian Novels (Ranker)

Awesome Jet Pack (BroBible)

Kids Are Dangerous (Pajiba)

Six Hilarious Clips From Your Highness (NextMovie)

The Hottest Women In MMA (CagePotato)

On The Road With Good Charlotte (MadeMan)

Retro Latina Babes (TuVez)

Wondercon 2011 Cosplay (GameFront)

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