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Links Away: Try and Stay Awake for 7 Minutes


LeBron Headlines His Hairline (BuzzerBeat)

‘Revenge’ is back (HuffTV)

Fictional Characters I’d Like to See on The Voice (Smosh)

Naked Cowgirls and High Speed Chases (SocialHype)

Miley Cyrus‘ Diamond Earrings (CelebJihad)

Silva Talks GSP Fight (CagePotato)

6 Lessons Surviving Las Vegas (Holytaco)

Indiana University Babes (DonChavez)

Meet the Hottest Woman in the World (JustAGuyThing)

5 Killer Suit Tips (MadeMan)

Hot Internet Babes (DoubleViking)

The Ladies First Oscar Index (MovieLine)

Budget Plans For Guys Who Hate Budgets (ModernMan)

Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Pics (Ehowa)

Rosa Acosta Hotness (Gunaxin)

Brett Ratner and GLAAD (NextMovie)

This Man is Dead Meat (GuySpeed)

Pam Anderson is Back (TotallyCrap)

Natalie Gulbis in Body Paint (TotalProSports)

UFCs Fastest Rising Prospects (CagePotato)

TuVez’s Valentines (TuVez)


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