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Links Away: Trot Fuzz

My Little Pony with the voices from Hot Fuzz is nothing short of awesome.  (BuzzFeed)

Hot Chick In Superjail (AdultSwim)

Megan Fox And Mickey Rourke…Nuff Said (Movieline)

The Worlds Greatest Extra (BarStoolSports)

Pennsylvania: Ninja Capital Of The World (HolyTaco)

Woman Woke Up Irish (FilmDrunk)

Mila Kunia Gets Fingered (CelebJihad)

Hellboy: Like You’ve Never Seen (Unreality)

Official Chris Hemsworth Interview (MovieFone)

Paris Hilton Just Wants Some Love (PopEater)

The Most Badass Mexicans (Smosh)

The Best Movies Of All Time (Ranker)

Having Sex Might Kill You (BroBible)

Kate Hudson Hotness (Maxim)

Glee Goes 3D (Pajiba)

Summer Blockbusters In Lego Form (NextMovie)

Steven Seagal Warms Up (CagePotato)

Meet 5 Funny Mothers (MadeMan)

Guide To Naming Video Games (GameFront)

Cinco De Mayo Myths (TuVez)

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