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Links Away: Transformers Do The Thriller Dance

A nameless animator sat down one day to speak with God. God, being a huge fan of internet videos, told the animator to create the most awesome mashup of pop music and retro cartoons he could possibly manage, then put it on YouTube. And thus an internet sensation was born. (WarmingGlow)

Thrilling links!

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Olivia Wilde GIF (CelebJihad)

Awesome Animated Movie Sidekicks (Unreality)

Exclusive Thor Clip (MovieFone)

The Iconic Role That Could Have Been Played By Dennis Quaid (PopEater)

20 Shockingly Horrible Haircuts (Smosh)

The Greatest Unseen Television Characters (Ranker)

The 2011 Masters Drinking Game (BroBible)

The Cheapest Actors In Hollywood (Pajiba)

The 20 Funniest Men In Movies (NextMovie)

The 12 Best New Smartphone Apps (MadeMan)

MMA‘s Top-Five Fight Gyms (CagePotato)

Things My White Boss Says (TuVez)

The Tokyo Game Show Will Not Be Cancelled (GameFront)

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