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Links Away: Tornado Steals Man’s Hamburger

Several weeks ago the Hamburglar devised a way to manipulate the weather. This is the horrifying result. Every man for himself.

He can take our fast food but he’ll never take our links:

Watch Five Full Episodes Of “American Dad” (AdultSwim)

James Cameron Thinks The Machines Have Already Won (MovieLine)

The Hilarioud Shit Hockey Players Say On The Ice (BarstoolSports)

25 Odd Examples Of Banana Art (HolyTaco)

A 25 Year-Old Simon Pegg Performs Standup (FilmDrunk)

Victoria Justice Pictures (CelebJihad)

Mario Propaganda Posters (Unreality)

Twitter Comedians Rip Tyler Perry A New One (MovieFone)

Will Ferrell To Shave Conan O’Brien’s Beard (PopEater)

20 Question Mark Fails (Smosh)

The Best Superhero Movies Ever Made (Ranker)

Brooklyn Decker Takes Her Clothes Off (BroBible)

The Life-Afirming Dances Of Christopher Turk (Pajiba)

The Summer Movie Mega-Poll (NextMovie)

Hot Chicks In Bikinis Play Video Game (CagePotato)

The Girls Of Scream 4 (MadeMan)

‘Portal 2′ Review (GameFront)

The Douche In His Natural Habitat (TuVez)

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