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Spider-Man Projections Spotted Around The World (And Our Links)

Spider-Man projections were spotted around the world in 13 cities & 12 countries. The guerrilla projections led to a viral RSVP site, allowing insiders to sign-up for exclusive events happening around the globe. The events will feature a Sneak Peek of Never-Before-Scene Footage from The Amazing Spiderman, and are happening this Monday, 2/6 in - LA, NY, Rio, London, Mexico City, Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Moscow, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney. Soccer Fans Riot in Indonesia (BuzzerBeat) The Greys vs Heigl (HuffTV) The Worst Things Found In Pinterest (Smosh) Rapist Argues With Cops...On Facebook (SocialHype) Katy Perry Thong Pics (CelebJihad) Rex vs Jared! (CagePotato) We Predict Who Wins The Superbowl (Holytaco) New England Patriots Hotness (DonChavez) A Guide To Parallel Parking (JustAGuyThing) How To Make Ribs For The Superbowl (MadeMan) The Hottest Babes In The Wild (DoubleViking) Gary Oldman Gives Dramatic Jersey Shore Recap (MovieLine) O


Let The Great Sperm Heist Begin In 'The Babymakers' Trailer

Sperm! Romantic comedies come in two basic flavors nowadays: Sweet, gentle, watch-with-your-parents types, and raunchy keep-the-kids-as-far-away-as-you-possibly-can-dear-sweet-Jesus-in-heaven types. Interestingly, this red band trailer for The Babymakers seems to be pitched somewhere in between. Yeah, there are lots of references to sperm and related fluids, but the overall raunch factor is relatively tame. But, it's about a guy breaking into a sperm bank to steal back his own sperm, so I still recommend watching it. Also, the movie stars Olivia Munn, Paul Schneider, Aisha Tyler, and a regrettably-trailer-absent Wood Harris of The Wire, so check it out if you are into one or more of those people.


Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just This 'FIFTY SHADES OF GREY' TRAILER?

The time is now. After the waiting, all that time spent not reading the book, politely reporting on casting shakeups, we've got definitive proof that Fifty Shades of Grey is coming our way, this Valentines Day. The proof is this sexy trailer set to a cover/remix of Beyonce's "Crazy in Love," a song that's now 11 years old. Yup. The trailer touches on only the broadest points of the story (reporter, sexy billionaire, f*cking) but it gets the message across. And after dutifully looking it up, because I assumed a movie this mass-marketed would be rated PG-13, it seems the producers are being a little more aggressive, giving us an R version and an NC-17 version, both of which better have lots of breasts. Enjoy the trailer, you perverts.


Hot Girl Halloween Kills Supercut

Horror movies sure do like to kill off young women. If you're anything like me, you enjoy watching beautiful young women being systematically stalked and violently dismembered like they're nothing more than a piece of beef. Wait a second; I don't like that at all. But some people must. How else do you explain this supercut of hot girls being snuffed out in slasher films? It's not like we had a shortage of content to choose from. Sometimes it's more humorous than scary, and sometimes it's downright disturbing. But no matter which way you slice it, almost every horror movie has at least one hot girl getting murdered. Well, if you're bored with seeing hot chicks getting butchered, it's time to take matters into your own hands. No, I'm not telling you to start killing women I am, however, telling you to check out's Halloween Scare Contest, where you can enter your own scary video for a chance to earn up to $1000. Check out the link above for more details.


New 'Amazing Spider Man' Trailer Thickens The Plot

You only thought you knew the origin of Spider-Man... Not to be outdone in the week that brings us a final Dark Knight Rises trailer and the release of The Avengers, Sony is back with another trailer for this summer's The Amazing Spider-Man. Here we're pulled into Peter Parker's world as he web-slings high about the streets of.... Neo-Tokyo? I guess that's the super-slick Hollywood version of New York City. Filmed on location in the Neon Skyscraper District. In addition to the action, we're also given a glimpse of the mystery. Who is that raspy-voiced, shadowy figure demanding to know if Dr. Curt Connors told Peter the truth about his father. Is it Norman Osborne? Peter's dad?? Denis Leary after a heavy smoking day??? All will be revealed when The Amazing Spider-Man opens in theaters on June 30th.


'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Teaser Is Here

Yay? In case you weren't in Times Square for New Year's Eve a couple nights ago, have no fear, we've got the Spider-Man teaser that premiered to the crowd there. So you can have the same experience as all those mouth-breathing tourists who herd themselves into the most crowded, obvious terrorism target in the world. As an aside, how odd is that the "treat" that the attendees received was essentially a commercial for a movie? Thy could have at least shown those Anchorman Dodge ads.