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Links Away: ‘Today Show’ Little Sh*t

The kid’s got skill. In an expert skewering of the mainstream media, this little dude took what was meant to be a somber, ratings-boosting moment on “The Today Show” and turned it into a veritable “screw you” to somber moments everywhere. Kee fighting the good fight, young one. We look forward to watching your comedy career unfold. (VideoGum)

These links will make you feel like a child again.

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Tantalizing Tool Handlers (Maxim)

13 Mistakes Men Make Each Morning (MadeMan)

The Dangers of Meh (Smosh)

Seven Cheaters Who Basically Got Away With It (TotalProSports)

Goalkeeper Does a Scorpion Kick (TuVez)

White Men Can Dance (Pajiba)

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The Five Greatest Drugs Banned in 2010 (Ranker)

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