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Links Away: The World’s Greatest Special Effects Reel

Ladies and gentlemen, you are bearing witness to cinematic genius. Hard to say whether this guy is serious or not, but in any case we’re fans. More explosions would have been nice, though. Check out the original YouTube post here. (FilmDrunk)

Then the dinosaur jumps out of the ground, okay?

The Whitey Bulger Crime Pic (Movieline)

The Most Confusing Scam On The Planet (BarstoolSports)

Something…Made In America! (Holytaco)

Michael Bay Loves Bottle Rocket (FilmDrunk)

Hermoine Gets Her Own Movie (CelebJihad)

Bad Teacher Review (Unreality)

Musketeers Debut Trailer (Moviefone)

The Many Faces Of Bristol Palin (PopEater)

Nerdy And Awesome Nail Jobs (Smosh)

Ungrateful Video Game Kids (Ranker)

Tarantino Loves Feet (BroBible)

Abbie Cornish Hotness (Maxim)

Nick Swardson Is Awesome (Pajiba)

Transformers 3 Is Best Of Transformers (NextMovie)

Dale vs Woodley Gets Slated (CagePotato)

How To Write A Best Man Speech (MadeMan)

The Team Bondi Investigation (GameFront)

Mexico’s National Sex Scandal (TuVez)


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