Links Away: The 'Wonka' Kids 40 Years Later

The actors and actresses responsible for playing a bunch of sugar-high children got together for a reunion interview.

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Parents Continue To Torment Their Kids On Halloween, All For Jimmy Kimmel

They lied to their kids about eating all their candy. Really nice work, parents. If you're like me, you love lying to/disappointing children. So every year, when Jimmy Kimmel does his annual, "parents lie about eating their kids' candy and tape it," I get pretty fired up. Because watching kids cry is funny for those at arm's length, and one day, it will provide the children something to laugh about with their therapists. Hilarious! I sort of got the joke when Kimmel first did this, and thought it was pretty funny. However, after a few years, I think it spotlights some truly deranged parents, and Kimmel, though I understand why he's doing it, is playing a pretty instrumental part in f*cking with the heads of these kids. DOES HE KNOW HOW IMPORTANT CANDY IS TO CHILDREN? There's nothing more important.


New ‘Super 8' Clip: Kids Are Afraid Of Guns And Monsters

Children are such scaredy cats when it comes to guys with bloody faces pointing guns at them. Children are such scaredy cats when it comes to guys with bloody faces pointing guns at them. That's what we learn from the newest clip from J.J. Abrams' highly anticipated Super 8. The preview above takes place after the train crash. The kids are poking around the wreckage, hanging out, finding important maps 'n' stuff, when all of a sudden - bam - crazy guy with a bunch of guns. Man, Super 8 is reminding me of Goonies more and more. It's about kids on an adventure, one of them's a tubbo, it's produced by Steven Spielberg, and now there's an important map. I hope the monster turns out to be a giant Sloth. Next clip airs tomorrow on Fox during "American Idol." Super 8' Kids" src="" alt='' width="300" height="225" />


Break Out The 90's Rock: 'American Reunion' Trailer

They're back and man are they ever....they're back. As we all have been dreading, American Reunion inches closer to theaters with this theatrical trailer. And you know what? It doesn't look so bad. I was quite the cynic when I heard the news, but it turns out that I kind of sort of missed those guys. Perhaps what distinguishes this film from American Wedding (ugh) is the fact that the nostalgia here is a lot more warranted, and the kids are all grown up. Sure, there are some contrivances, like Eugene "Caterpillars" Levy banging out Stifler's Mom and the whole babysitter plotline, but when I hear the opening notes of "Closing Time" by Semisonic, or that familiar chorus from "Laid" by James, I'm a dumb 19 year-old again. Also, let's all enjoy how similar 2012 Jason Biggs looks to 1999 Jason Biggs, and marvel at how Thomas Ian Nichols seems to have aged more than the once-homeless Natasha Lyonne. Poor Thomas Ian Nichols. He peaked with Little Big League. Or Rookie of the Year. Does it really matter which one he was ACTUALLY in?


Spike Jonze Interview With BBC Is More Awkward Than A Typical Spike Jonze Interview

He's about as charming and graceful here as his characters are. To know Spike Jonze is to know that he's a guy that delights in awkwardness. His roles in Wolf of Wall Street and Moneyball play up the playful nervousness that he projects. However, things got a little more than playful and a little uncomfortable when he started to grill a BBC interviewer on her thoughts on his film, Her. These things tend to happen pretty frequently, and I really can't blame even a celebrity for getting edgy or weird during their thirtieth interview of a junket, but to watch Spike Jonze move even a little on the offensive is a rare sight. Like seeing a dolphin teach driver's ed.


Watch '40 Moustaches in 100 Seconds' And Help Fight Prostate Cancer

Even if you're sick of the whole mustache thing, you have to like this because it's for charity, and people will think you're a bastard if you don't. First, moustaches were for frontiersmen. Then everyone. Then cops. Then pedophiles. Then hipsters. Well, next month, moustaches are for everyone again with "Movember," the annual movement that gets people to grow out their 'staches in order to raise sponsorship money for prostate and testicular cancer awareness. If you're still on the fence, I highly suggest that you peruse the different styles in this video and find the one that best fits you. But not Luigi. That one's mine. And, of course, Luigi's. Sure, you probably won't be able to sprout out a whole bushy mustache in a month, but I guarantee you'll look funny trying. And if your boss gives you shit for looking like John Holmes during your deposition, just ask him why he hates charities so much. That should shut him up. Have a solemn and respectful Movember (click the link for more info on how you can get involved, as well as some funny, funny creative stuff). And seriously, stay away from the Luigi. Sh*t's mine.