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Links Away: The Olsen Twins Are Adorably Racist

Not sure how this one got past the censors. In this scene from “To Grandmother’s House We Go” the Olsen twins encounter an African American street performer and praise him for his musical skills in a less-than-politically-correct way. Oh, the 199os. Such naive years. (YouTube)

Links that are only kind of racist:

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Stand By Me At 25 (MovieFone)

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20 Death-Defying Bed Jumps (Smosh)

The 11 Most Miserable Places In The U.S. (Ranker)

Pee-Wee Soccer Game Gets Violent (BroBible)

A Better Jackhammer (Maxim)

12 TV Characters We Hate (Pajiba)

Sexy Stuff From Sucker Punch (NextMovie)

Danny Trejo To Host MMA Show (CagePotato)

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A Cute Girl Tells A Joke (TuVez)

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