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Links Away: The Most Disturbing Kisses In Movies

Hollywood puts out some pretty weird stuff, not the least of which includes people kissing zombies, burn victims, anthropomorphic ducks, and Meryl Streep. Prepare yourself for the most disturbing kisses in movie history — just the thing the set the mood for you and your honey tonight. (FilmDrunk)

These links will tongue-kiss you with passion:

Celebrity Love Lessons From the MovieLine Vault (MovieLine)

NY Subway Fight of the Day (BarstoolSports)

Five Ways to Prove to Your Ex-Girlfriend You’re Doing Just Fine Without Her (HolyTaco)

Watch This Mysterious Banksy Documentary (FilmDrunk)

Katy Perry Caught Getting Photoshopped (CelebJihad)

The Illustrated History of the Batmobile (Unreality)

The Oscars Made Easy (MovieFone)

Whoopi Versus the New York Times (PopEater)

The Eight Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts (Smosh)

The 10 Best Star Wars Video Games of All Time (Ranker)

Eight Places to Meet Girls On Valentine’s Day (BroBible)

Diora Baird Achieves Sex Symbol Status (Maxim)

Nine Women That Make Men Melt (Pajiba)

Hot and Heavy Movie Makeout Sessions (NextMovie)

10 Questions to Ask In a Post-Fedor World (CagePotato)

Love: Man’s Most Expensive Emotion (MadeMan)

50 Female Cosplayer Pics (GameFront)

The Wayne Rooney Goal Everyone is Talking About (TuVez)

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