Links Away: The Most Disturbing Kisses In Movies

Hollywood puts out some pretty weird stuff, not the least of which includes people kissing zombies, burn victims, anthropomorphic ducks, and Meryl Streep.

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Meryl Streep Gets Her Thatcher On In 'The Iron Lady' Teaser

We finally learn the origin of Maggie's pearls. Though it looks nothing like its predecessors Iron Man and Iron Man 2, The Iron Lady does look like it gives Meryl Streep ample opportunity to chew the scenery as the conservative Prime Minister of the UK, Margaret Thatcher. Plus keep in mind that this is a teaser. There's still a chance that Jim Broadbent will be outfitted with laser whips in the longer trailer. This teaser, however, is all about the reveal of Streep's impression of Thatcher which comes off more as a modified Julia Child. Before Streep is revealed we see two campaign advisers attempting to pimp her ride so to speak. They speak directly into the camera and critique her hat, high voice, and pearls. To which, Thatcher replies, "The pearls are non-negotiable." I guess it's cute, but I was mostly just happy to see this wasn't a teaser for another Madea movie. (The Guardian)


Could Someone Get Meryl Streep Some Conditioner In This 'Into The Woods' Trailer?

It's nothing these characters can't sing their way out of. In case you thought that Into the Woods would be the rare effort by Chicago and The Nine director Rob Marshall that DIDN'T have a ton of'd be totally wrong. After giving us a few non-musical peeks at the film, the movie's true colors shine through as we see lots and lots of singing. Singing from Anna Kendrick (which we've seen before), singing from Chris Pine (not sure if we've seen that), and singing from a decidedly unkempt Meryl Streep. Lots of singing all around. How does it look? It looks good. Pretty much what you'd expect for a fairy tale musical. I don't know if it will resonate with the Screen Junkies readership, but it might with their girlfriends or partners. Or moms. This might be big with moms. However, there's still Meryl Streep playing a bad guy, which is always a delightful thing to witness. (THR)


Kisses and Hugs Galore In 'Blue Valentine' Teaser Trailer

Those zan Brothers Weinstein have dropped the trailer for Blue Valentine. Awww, it looks sweet, but also equally heartbreaking. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams play a couple going through the ups and downs of a relationship full of kisses and hugs that turn into tears and shoves. I didn't get the opportunity to see this film at Sundance but I hear it's impressive and moving from an acting standpoint. Hell, Ryan Gosling made me feel sorry for a sex doll in Lars and the Real Girl so he's probably even better with a girl with a pulse. Furthermore, the MPAA just slapped the film with a NC-17 rating. I can only imagine it was for "sexual situations" but could it possibly be worse than Boogie Nights? Dude pulls his wee wee out at the end of that. Blue Valentine hopefully runs in theaters December 26, 2010. Check out the trailer after the jump... Blue Valentine -- Trailer - Watch more Movie Trailers


This Film of 20 Strangers Kissing For The First Time Is Magical

As cliched as it sounds, watching strangers make out for the first time, for art, really is a thing of beauty... For her short film First Kiss, artist Tatia Pilieva gathered 20 strangers together and pretty much said  "hey you just met and you probably already don't remember this person's name, but make out in this studio, in front of my camera, OK? Great." It's just as awkward and uncomfortable to watch as it sounds...until it's not. Maybe it's the sweet song or the beautiful photography, or the fact that most of these people are really quite attractive (they are actors, after all), or  perhaps it's witnessing a human connection that's both physical and emotional, risky and strangely fragile blah blah blah—whatever it is, the result is, as cliched as it sounds, beautiful and surprisingly touching. Watch it, even a cynic like me will understand why it's gone crazy viral, reaching 7.5 million views (and counting) in just one day...


'The Walking Dead' Trailer: It's Still About Zombies

Braaaaaiiiiiiiins. If there's one thing guaranteed to appeal to the visitors of Comic Con 2011, it's zombies. And with that in braaaaaaaiiiiiiiiin, AMC has released a trailer for the second season of their surprise hit The Walking Dead. They also announced the premiere date - Sunday, October 16, at 9 P.M. [post-album postid="221362" item="1"]The trailer shows lots of the post-zombie-apocalypse America, including the realization that traffic jams will be a thing of the past once the zombies take over. Maybe this won't be so bad after all... (AOL)


'Fear The Walking Dead' Teases Its First Zombie

Unless it isn't. AMC is giving us another little nibble of Fear the Walking Dead. Unlike our first looks that showed us a man running for his life and a kid discussing the legitimacy of bloggers, this new look shows us what might be our first look at a walker. Or else just some drunk guy dressed as Raiden from Mortal Kombat. If it is in fact a walker, this is a really encouraging preview. In all the chatter about the show, nobody ever mentioned zombies wearing funny hats. That adds a whole new level that's been sorely missing from the original series.


'Kidnapped' Might Be The Most Disturbing Film You See This Decade

If you like foreign films, but prefer home invasions and graphic rapes to that 'Amelie' crap, this is your cup of tea. Now that the headline has sucked you in, let's talk about Kidnapped. It's a Spanish-language film about an upper-class family whose quiet night at home is interrupted by some masked home invaders. The film then takes a graphic and disturbing turn as the criminals put the family through hell. Screen Junkies editor, Ian, caught this film at FantasticFest and claimed it to be "the most horrific film I've ever seen." I try every day to horrify Ian with my writing, and, I assure you, he's usually unflappable. Beyond the gore, violence, and generally disturbing action, there's something more to this film, however. Director Miguel Angel Vivas constructed the film around twelve shots. While this approach could be (and has been) dismissed as gimmicky I have been told that it not only works, but serves the tension and story well. Kidnapped hits theaters via IFC on June 17. Lock your doors.


Clara The Zombie Is Back In 'Walking Dead' Season Five Preview

This season promises to be super gross. The cast and crew of The Walking Dead are sweating their nuts off in Atlanta again and couldn't be happier. AMC released this behind-the-scenes preview of season 5 finds them on their first day back for what seems to be an action-packed season. It even looks like Clara the Zombie is back which is an intriguing surprise. Andrew Lincoln says the season opener is "the most ambitious first episode I think we've attempted" while Lauren Cohan adds the premiere is "so disturbing ... some of the stuff they shot yesterday, I don't know if it'll make it to TV." Who knows what she's referring to. We'll just have to use our imaginations. Oh God. OH GOD!! THAT'S GROSS!!